Satanic interpretation of Al-Qiyamah despite Allah's (SWT) explicit warning not to interfere with Surah 75

“A battle will take place between the Muslim Ruler and the Christians, after which one part of the Christian army will enter into a peace treaty with the Muslims, while the other part which will still be the enemy of the Muslims will conquer Constantinople. (Present Day Istanbul) The Muslim army along with the Christian army with which it had entered into a peace treaty will now attack the Christians in Constantinople. After a fierce battle the Muslims will be victorious.”

Satanic interpretation of Al-Qiyamah 3

"The ahadeeth of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) give a detailed account of many of the major signs of Qiyamah. Below we enumerate these signs. As the signs are mentioned, a few Ahadeeth will also be given with regard to these signs.

When all the minor signs which have been mentioned above thus far, come to pass then one can await the commencement of the major signs.

According to a hadeeth, Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) indicated that at the end of all these evils, there will be an occurrence of red winds, disfiguration of faces and people being swallowed into the ground.

At this time Christian rule will be dominant. A man from the progeny of Abu Sufyaan will emerge in Shaam (Syria) and massacre the descendants of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). He will reign over Syria and Egypt.

A battle will take place between the Muslim Ruler and the Christians, after which one part of the Christian army will enter into a peace treaty with the Muslims, while the other part which will still be the enemy of the Muslims will conquer Constantinople. (Present Day Istanbul)

The Muslim army along with the Christian army with which it had entered into a peace treaty will now attack the Christians in Constantinople. After a fierce battle the Muslims will be victorious.

Some days later a man from the Christian army will announce that the victory was gained by virtue of the cross. A muslim will reply that the victory was gained by virtue of ISLAM. An argument will ensure and soon each one call upon his co-religionists for assistance until a full scale battle will be fought in which the Muslim Ruler will be martyred. The Christian army will now conquer Shaam and once more befriend that part of the Christian army from which it had broken away earlier on. The Muslims will proceed towards Madina and by that time Christian rule will extend as far as Khaibar (which is near Madina). At this point in time the Muslims will be in search of IMAM MAHDI, whom they will hope will come and end all these difficulties. Imaam Madhi will be in Madina Munawwarah at that time and fearing that the great responsibility of governing might be thrust upon him, he will proceed to Makkah where while he will be engaged in Tawaaf, he will be recognized by a saintly class known as the Abdaal.”

The day of resurrection:

Once this entire universe is destroyed, 40 years will pass in this tranquility. Allah Ta'la will then issue the order for the trumpet to be blown a second time. The earth and the skies will come back into existence and the dead will rise from their graves. All of them will be gathered in the plains of qiyaamah. The sun will be very close, the heat of which will cause the brains of people to boil and they will perspire according to their sins. The people will be standing in this heat, hungry and thirsty, extremely worried. As for those who were pious, the ground will be turned into fine flour for them whereby they will satiate their hunger and they will go to the HUAD-E-KAUTHAR in order to quench their thirst.

Once the people get tired of standing in the plains of qiyaamah, they will all go to hadrat Aadam (alayhis Salaam) and thereafter to other prophets requesting them to intercede on their behalf so that the accounting of their deeds could be accomplished quickly. All the prophets will present some excuse and will not make any promise of intercession. Eventually, all the people will go to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and make the same request to him. On the orders of Allah Ta'la, he will accept this request, go to Maqaam-e-Mahmud and intercede on their behalf. Allah Ta'la will reply : "I have accepted your intercession. After manifesting myself in the land, I will now commence with the accounting of deeds"

Many angels will begin descending and surrounding the people from all sides. Thereafter, the throne of Allah Ta'la will descend and his splendour and manifestation will be on it. The accounting of deeds will commence and the books of deeds will be distributed. The believers will receive their book of deeds in their right hands while the disbeliveers will receive them in their left hands. These books of deeds will land automatically into the hands of the respective persons. The scale will be brought whereby all the good and evil deeds will be weighed and established. The order will then be given for everyone to cross the bridge called"siraat.” Those whose good deeds were heavier in the scale will cross the"siraat"And enter paradise. As for those whose evil deeds were heavier and Allah did not forgive them. will fall into hell. Those whose goods deeds and evil deeds are equal, will go to a place called"A'raaf"Which is between jannah and jahannam. They will stay over there.”

Allaah will give shade to seven, on the Day when there will be no shade but His.

(These seven persons are):

i) a just ruler,
ii) a youth who has been brought up in the worship of Allaah (i.e. worships Allaah subhanahu wa ta'alaa sincerely from his childhood),
ii iii) a man whose heart is attached to the mosques (i.e. he offers the five compulsory Salaat (prayers) in the mosques),
iv) two persons who love each other only for Allaah's sake and they meet and part in Allaah's Cause only,
v) a man who refuses the call of a charming woman of noble birth for illegal sexual intercourse with her and says: I am afraid of Allaah,
vi) a man who gives charitable gifts so secretly that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given (i.e. nobody knows how much he has given in charity), and
vii) a person who remembers Allaah in seclusion and his eyes become flooded with tears.”

[Reported by Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim. The text is that of Al-Bukhaaree: Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree, V.1, Hadeeth #629.]

If you contemplate about the seven whom Allaah will shade in the shade of His 'Arsh wherein there is no shade but His, you will find that they deserved that shade because of their opposition to Al-Hawaa. Indeed the Imaam having authority and power will not be able to establish justice except by opposing his Hawaa. And with respect to the youth who prefers the sincere worship of Allaah over the urge of his youthfulness, had it not been for the opposition of his Hawaa, he would not be able to accomplish this state of worship. As to the person whose heart is attached to the mosques, the thing that drove him to this condition is the opposition of Al-Hawaa which invites him tot he places of lusts.

Concerning the person who gives charitable gifts secretly so that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given, had it not been for his subduing of his Hawaa, he would not have been able to attain this state. And the person who was invited by a charming woman of noble birth (to have illegal sexual intercourse with her), feared Allaah and opposed his Hawaa. As to the one who remembers Allaah in seclusion and his eyes become flooded with tears for fearing Him, the thing that made him reach this state is the opposing of his Hawaa. Consequently, they were saved from being affected by the intense heat of the Al-Mawqif on the Day of Resurrection and the sweating therein. The people (adhering to) Al-Hawaa will experience the utmost degree of intense heat and sweating while they are waiting to enter the"Prison of Al-Hawaa.” Allaah subhanahu wa ta'aala is the One to be petitioned to grant us protection from the Ahwaa' (Sing. Hawaa) of ourselves which are inclined to evil, and that He makes our Hawaa in accordance with what He loves and is acceptable to Him. He has power over all things, and He is most worthy of answering our petition.”

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The fulfillment of eschatological instruction promised by Jesus
“The original meaning of the word ‘apocalypse’, derived from the Greek apokalypsis, is in fact not the cataclysmic end of the world, but an ‘unveiling’, or ‘revelation’, a means whereby one gains insight into the present.” (Kovacs, 2013, 2)
An apocalypse (Greek: apokalypsis meaning “an uncovering”) is in religious contexts knowledge or revelation, a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities.” (Ehrman 2014, 59)
“An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: apokalypsis ... literally meaning "an uncovering") is a disclosure or revelation of great knowledge. In religious and occult concepts, an apocalypse usually discloses something very important that was hidden or provides what Bart Ehrman has termed, "A vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities". Historically, the term has a heavy religious connotation as commonly seen in the prophetic revelations of eschatology obtained through dreams or spiritual visions.” Wikipedia 2021-01-09

Shri Mataji
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) was Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty.
Total number of recorded talks 3058: Public Programs 1178, Pujas 651, and other (private conversations) 1249

“The Paraclete will come (15:26; 16:7, 8, 13) as Jesus has come into the world (5:43; 16:28; 18:37)... The Paraclete will take the things of Christ (the things that are mine, ek tou emou) and declare them (16:14-15). Bishop Fison describes the humility of the Spirit, 'The true Holy Spirit of God does not advertise Herself: She effaces Herself and advertises Jesus.' ...
It is by the outgoing activity of the Spirit that the divine life communicates itself in and to the creation. The Spirit is God-in-relations. The Paraclete is the divine self-expression which will be and abide with you, and be in you (14:16-17). The Spirit's work is described in terms of utterance: teach you, didasko (14:26), remind you, hypomimnesko (14:26), testify, martyro (15:26), prove wrong, elencho (16:8), guide into truth, hodego (16:13), speak, laleo (16:13, twice), declare, anangello (16:13, 14, 15). The johannine terms describe verbal actions which intend a response in others who will receive (lambano), see (theoreo), or know (ginosko) the Spirit. Such speech-terms link the Spirit with the divine Word. The Spirit's initiatives imply God's personal engagement with humanity. The Spirit comes to be with others; the teaching Spirit implies a community of learners; forgetful persons need a prompter to remind them; one testifies expecting heed to be paid; one speaks and declares in order to be heard. The articulate Spirit is the correlative of the listening, Spirit-informed community.
The final Paraclete passage closes with a threefold repetition of the verb she will declare (anangello), 16:13-15. The Spirit will declare the things that are to come (v.13), and she will declare what is Christ's (vv. 14, 15). The things of Christ are a message that must be heralded...
The intention of the Spirit of truth is the restoration of an alienated, deceived humanity... The teaching role of the Paraclete tends to be remembered as a major emphasis of the Farewell Discourses, yet only 14:26 says She will teach you all things. (Teaching is, however, implied when 16:13-15 says that the Spirit will guide you into all truth, and will speak and declare.) Franz Mussner remarks that the word used in 14:26, didaskein, "means literally 'teach, instruct,' but in John it nearly always means to reveal.” (Stevick 2011, 292-7)
The Holy Spirit as feminine: Early Christian testimonies and their interpretation,
Johannes van Oort, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Department of Church History and Church Polity, Faculty of Theology, University of Pretoria, South Africa

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