Miguel, ex-SY and cult Simon follower: "There is no Spirit. There is no God."

From:  "Balwinder" <dr_balwinder@yahoo.com>
Date:  Sat Jan 8, 2005  8:46 pm
Subject:  Re: Miguel, ex-SY and cult Simon follower: "There is no Spirit. There is no God."

Dear Danny,

I totally agree with Jagbir that your time will be better spent if you
engage in a dialogue with anyone other than the group associated with

After having spent about a year on their now-closed forum together
with a number of Sahaja Yogis/nis (Jagbir having been replying earlier
than most of us to their insults, lies and false accusations about
Shree Mataji and Sahaja Yoga), I know for a fact that it is a waste of

I wish you well if you decide to continue but would really appreciate
that none of their posts are reposted here.

After a year of having "dialogue" with them, anyone will realise the
depths they can go to "support" their lies, assumptions , false
accusations and vulgar language against Shree Mataji and Sahaja Yoga. This includes falsely claiming someone had said so, creating fake IDs who post to support them and last but not least lying to support their lies while the rest who know it is a lie either supporting the lie or
being neutral despite knowing that it is a lie.



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shriadishakti@yahoogroups.com, "jagbir singh"
<adishakti_org@y...> wrote:

Dear Danny,
> i think you are wasting your time trying to tell these people about
> kundalini. In the first place most of them are atheists who make fun
> of and insult the founders of all religions - Jesus, prophet
> Muhammad, Shri Krishna, Buddha, Ganesha etc. In the words of
> Jesus, why throw pearls before swine?
> Just last month Miguel de Castro Henriques wrote:
> "There is NOT such a thing as a Subtle System. There are no
> chakras. There is no Kundalini. There is no ignition of Kundalini.
> There is no Spirit. There is no God. There is not this and that."
> (Miguel de Castro Henriques)
> "That's exactly how I felt before SY and it's exactly how I feel
> now." (sukamoga)
> That anti-God Miguel DeCastro, so-called poet and writer, even
> called Sattwa a "whore". This is because he became enraged when
> this SYogini sister dug up his past. Miguel became very angry when it
> became known that he drinks heavily and beats his wife when liquor
> gets the better of him.
> So Danny, it is no use trying to have a dialogue with this mainly
> atheist group. And if you want to carry on please don't repost here.
> We just don't want to read about this cult of Simon. It makes little
> sense to do so. Those of us who know them well wish not to be
> reminded of these characters.
> jagbir
> PS: i have to add that my sister Sattwa was instrumental in exposing
> Simon's cult for what it really was, along with Ivan and friends. i
> am glad the forum was closed up for good because there was just too
> much of filth and obscenity written against Shri Mataji. Below are
> two posts to remind who these people really are.

I don't believe in God (cards on table upfront is best, I think!)"

canthisbejoel (January 13, 2005)


On Wed, 26 Nov 2003 06:56:38 -0800 jagbir singh < sahaja-yoga-response@yahoogroups.com, <sattwa@h...> wrote:
> Read the final exposure of the members of Cult SDM and their
> reasons for hating SYoga. They are all unmasked here.
http://www.geocities.com/simondicon/cultsdm.html (replaced by
http://adishakti.org/cult_sdm/cultsdm.htm )
> Read all the above web - it is all accurate and well
> researched.

Jai Sri Mataji

Dear Sattwa,

This website is indeed an excellent job that was long overdue. This
remarkable work brilliantly exposes the extremely few Antichrist
individuals who are against Shri Mataji and Her declaration of the
Last Judgment. What really makes it fascinating is their lies,
distortion of truth and anti-Spirit lifestyles which we - who
engaged them for nearly a year at their forums - know so well.
However, these lies, distortion of truth and anti-Spirit lifestyles
has not been presented to the extend that will allow newcomers to
immediately gauge for themselves how these repulsive individuals
are working against the Adi Shakti.

For example, i do not see anything about:

1. Nutmeg's denial and accidental lesbian admission;
2. RainingInsults' discussion of anal sex with ex-wife;
3. Marzia's online flirting with him regarding a threesome;
4. Miguel, to so-called poet and writer, calling you a "whore";
5. Sukamoga's sexual adventures with lodger behind husband's back;
6. That most of them are atheists;
7. ........

i can keep on adding but that should be sufficient.

Since these incriminating posts have already been archived, all
that is needed are links to the particular posts. If they delete any
evidence, then we can use the archives. Thus i believe that a little
more effort should be spend to expose them for all they are. For
this extra evidence i will be grateful again, and so will others.

Thank you.



From:  "jagbir singh" <adishakti_org@y...>
Date:  Sun Sep 7, 2003  10:34 pm
Subject:  Re: [SY] To those concerned about obscenity: Read this
message now

"Two thumbs way up!"

Siskel and Singh

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, <ivanpavinsky@h...> wrote:
> To those who are concerned about these latest obscenities, please
> vote for either Lyn or Marzia to become the permanent, er, i mean
> temporary moderator, of this forum so we can clean up this filth.
> Giahn

PS For someone like myself, who is so fond of chickens, and keeps
them in a coop in my yard, it was particularly distressing to read
of how Sattwa has sex with chickens, revealed to us by dear Simon.

This shouldn't be allowed and surely there is a law against it.

We also have dear Simon to thank for warning us of the dangers of
eating sperm, and how our ancestors will have to feast on it if we

Thanks Simon for that, condoms will rescue the quality of our
ancestors diet from now on.

We really needed to also know from Simon that the penis enlargement
advices from the Kama Sutra were very elaborate and Raining needed
to read them, though we were not too surprised he needed to.

Raining delighted us with his invites to sodomy in Sydney and we
should be thankful to him for that, even if he is a
little 'challenged' in a certain area. But we forgive him.

All that is needed now is an ultimatum to stop any more exposure of
what we are really all about and we can rely on "honest" Marzi or
Lyndale to do that.

Marzi will be able to explain to us why the numerous "pricks" on this
forum are so difficult to deal with, and how we could get rid of them
without revealing the tricks of the trade that Judith so loyally
taught us.

Lyn could wish them to rot in hell as she banned them into obscurity
and waved them goodbye.

Little-lotus could return and explain why Shri Mataji is a "fucking
cunt" and we could delight in the explanation from this SY expert we
cherish so dearly.

In the name of the Father Simon, his little boy lotus, and the new
creation "daniel" floating behind the scenes, but soon to be
retired :-(


PPS Remember, vote for Marzi or Lyn to get rid of all our problems.

Tiny anti-SY cult of prophet Simon exposed With A Little Help
Digest of a milestone exposure and confession by Ms. Gilmour

In the land of the mentally blind the one-eyed psychopath is king
A revealed religion where those born of Spirit within feel cool breeze

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