Mayan End Age 12-21-2012 heralds a New Age of spiritual enlightenment

Mayan calender
Mayan Calender
"Both the Hopis and Mayans recognize that we are approaching the end of a World Age... In both cases, however, the Hopi and Mayan elders do not prophesy that everything will come to an end. Rather, this is a time of transition from one World Age into another. The message they give concerns our making a choice of how we enter the future ahead. Our moving through with either resistance or acceptance will determine whether the transition will happen with cataclysmic changes or gradual peace and tranquility. The same theme can be found reflected in the prophecies of many other Native American visionaries from Black Elk to Sun Bear."— Joseph Robert Jochmans

"An Apocalypse (Greek: 'lifting of the veil' or 'revelation') is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted."— Wikipedia

"The 2012 phenomenon was a range of eschatological beliefs that cataclysmic or transformative events would occur around 21 December 2012.[1][2][3][4][5][6] This date was regarded as the end-date of a 5,126-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar,[7] and as such, Mayan festivities to commemorate the date took place on 21 December 2012 in the countries that were part of the Mayan empire (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador), with main events at Chichén Itzá in Mexico, and Tikal in Guatemala.[8][9][10]

Various astronomical alignments and numerological formulae were proposed as pertaining to this date, all unequivocally rejected by mainstream scholarship. A New Age interpretation held that the date marked the start of a period during which Earth and its inhabitants would undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and that 21 December 2012 would mark the beginning of a new era.[11]"

Wikipedia (Web. February 27, 2013)
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"All was predicted by the mathematical cycles of the Mayan calendars. It will change, everything will change. Mayan Day-keepers view the Dec. 21, 2012 date as a rebirth, the start of the World of the Fifth Sun. It will be the start of a new era resulting from and signified by the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator and the Earth aligning itself with the center of the galaxy.

At sunrise on December 21, 2012 for the first time in 26,000 years the Sun rises to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. This cosmic cross is considered to be an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life, a tree remembered in all the world's spiritual traditions."

Carlos Barrios, Mayan elder
(Web. February 22, 2013)

"BIG SUR, Calif. — At twilight, not far from a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a Mayan shaman spoke of the return of Kukulkan to dozens of listeners sitting on the floor inside a yurt: As Venus, a planet of special significance to the ancient Mayans, passed directly between the Sun and Earth in June, the forces out there were heralding the return of Kukulkan, the snake deity, and the start of a new age of spiritual enlightenment in 2012.

'The cosmos is talking to us — we need to listen,' said the shaman, Miguel Angel Vergara. 'Kukulkan shines in the infinite. Kukulkan is the sacred energy beating in every atom. Kukulkan is the feathered serpent living in your heart forever.'"

New York Times (August 19, 2012)

"You get the sense that the end of the world is a commercial project," Mikhail Degtyaryov told the newspaper Izvestiya."Just look at how many swindlers are trying to make money on this affair, starting from the pseudo-magicians, ending with people selling groceries and other rations."

New York Times (December 1, 2012)

"'2012 is such a profound archetype,' Jenkins went on. 'Here we are five and a half years before the date, and already there's so much interest. Personally, I think it's about transformation and renewal. It's certainly nothing as simplistic as the end of the world.'

But what about the connection many people see between the approach of 2012 and environmental crisis? I asked. What about the popular link between the Maya and end-time prophecy?

' lot of people are talking about apocalypse right now,' he said, 'but there's a deeper meditation that can and should happen around the end date.' Jenkins—bearded, in a T-shirt and jeans—is originally from Chicago, and traces of a flat Midwestern accent remain in his voice. He looked and sounded beleaguered by the mention of apocalypse. 't any end-beginning nexus—at the dawn of a new religion or a spiritual tradition—you have this amazing opening,' he said. 'Revelations come down. There's a fresh awareness of what it means to be alive in the full light of history.'"

The New York Times (July 1, 2007)

Apocalypse is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted." (Wikipedia) The word is derived from the Greek apokalupsis, a term applied to revelation or disclosure, to certain privileged persons, of what already exists, though hitherto it has been hidden, or only imperfectly known.
"The Spirit/Paraclete will bring the past to memory, but the Spirit/Paraclete will be the voice of the glorified Jesus teaching in new situations in the present. However, this new teaching will be anchored in the Jesus of the past, because the Spirit/Paraclete will be speaking anew on behalf of Jesus. It is this claim of access to new teaching that has become problematic within the Johannine communities." (Rush 2009, 23)

"In the Thomas gospel, Jesus is presented as a spiritual guide whose words (when properly understood) bring eternal life (Saying 1). Readers of these sayings are advised to continue seeking until they find what will enable them to become rulers of their own lives (Saying 2) and thus to know themselves (Saying 3) and their legacy of being the children of"the living Father" (Saying 3). These goals are presented in the image of"entering the Kingdom"by the methodology of insight that goes beyond duality. (Saying 22). The Gospel of Thomas shows little or no concern for orthodox religious concepts and doctrines...
The Gospel of Thomas emphasizes direct and unmediated experience. In Thomas saying 108, Jesus says," Whoever drinks from my mouth will become as I am; I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him."Furthermore, salvation is personal and found through spiritual (psychological) introspection. In Thomas saying 70, Jesus says," If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not bring it forth, what you do not have within you will kill you."As such, this form of salvation is idiosyncratic and without literal explanation unless read from a psychological perspective related to Self vs. ego. In Thomas saying 3, Jesus says,
...the Kingdom of God is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living Father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty, and it is you who are that poverty."- Wikipedia (April 24, 2011)

Definitions of unmediated
"1. [adj] - without the interposition of other agencies or conditions
Quotes - Example use of the word unmediated
1. unmediated relations between God and man"

"unmediated - having no intervening persons, agents, conditions"

"not mediated : not communicated or transformed by an intervening agency"


The Complete Idiot's Guide to 2012 by Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews
"Although many movies and books claim to show what the Mayan's predict will happen in 2012, the ancient Maya say surprisingly little about what will actually occur at the end of the calendar. In this guide, we will look at the katun prophecies and what they reveal.

The Mayan Prophecy in a Nutshell

There are two sides to this coin. On the one hand, we're going through a difficult time leading into 2012. These difficulties are the result of our own disharmony of spirit. Governments and religions will let us down and lead us astray. Resources will be scarce and people will be afraid. Natural disasters will increase through the period and the age will end with destruction by fire.

On the other hand, Kukulkan returns representing a rising of consciousness. People are reunited with the wisdom of the past as a new age unfolds. Not only does Kukulkan return but Mayan masters and initiates also return to help spread the wisdom of the Maya. People are drawn to the temples and ruins to remember the past age of knowledge. It's a time for recording and writing things down.

As we return to lost wisdom, we also return to living with the natural cycles represented by the calendars. People begin to elevate their own consciousness through the evolution of the energy centers in the body. We write the next phase of earth, the next age, together as people from all places unite.

The Present Katun

It's believed by those who follow the 2012 end date that this katun began on April 6, 1993, and ends with the Long Count/creation age on December 21, 2012. This katun warns of scarcity of resource, food shortages, and many people dying. It also talks of 'remembering (old) knowledge and writing it down.'

The Mayans predicted the coming of the Spanish to Maya lands, stating that their knowledge would have to retreat before the advent of the 'wooden cross,' but would resurrect again at the end of the calendar. The Chilam Balam states that Kukulkan (Quetzalcoatl) returns during this period to establish the new world and guide the way. The Maya believed in reincarnation and talk of the return of the Mayan masters prior to 2012. The Chilam Balam writer says: 'My part is to interpret to you, your part, later, as well as my own, is to be born again.' The purpose of coming back during the end times is to spread the wisdom and knowledge of the Maya, to ease the time of the purification, and to open the door to the transformation.

End of the World, 2012—2032

The Chilam Balam states: 'This is a time of total collapse where everything is lost. It is the time of the judgment of God. There will be epidemics and plagues and then famine. Governments will be lost to foreigners; wise men, and prophets will be lost.'

The katuns have a number of prophecies relating to the 'end of the world,' which comes at the completion of the Great Cycles. A katun lasts for 20 years, so a katun prediction covers the entire 20-year period.

The katuns refer to this time as the final days of misfortune at the end of the Long Count calendar. They predict earth changes in the form of storms, earthquakes, famine, and pestilence. In this time people lose confidence in religion, priests, government, and officials. In fact even the omens that connect the Maya to the gods are questioned. The omens themselves are said to be broken by the dishonor prevalent in the times.

In The Book of the Jaguar Priest, Maud Worcester Makemson translates from the Chilam Balam the actual events of the end times. From the sound of it, the Sacred Tree of Life itself falls. The days turn upside down, stones fall from the sky, and fire consumes everything. Many think this description sounds a lot like a massive super volcano and a magnetic pole shift where the earth actually turns onto a new axis. The description of the Sacred Tree of Life falling might describe the Milky Way changing position in the sky.

After speaking of great destruction and disillusionment, the Chilam Balam ends by saying, 'These are the words which must be spoken: the prophecies are a solemn trust from ancient times. They are the first news of events and a valuable warning of things to come.'

After 2012

What happens to the calendars if we have moved into the sixth age? Does the katun cycle just roll over and reset like your car's odometer? This is how it worked in the past, but the sixth age is unknown. If the katuns do just roll over, here is the next in the cycle.

Katun 11 is the first katun and therefore always opens the new cycles. This was the katun that brought Spanish rule to the Yucatan. It predicts the end of traditional rule and the arrival of foreigners that invade and disperse the population. It also predicts scarcity of resources and food.

But again, there are two sides to the coin. Even as the katun talks of difficulty and death, it also predicts great opportunity. It's a time when gifts are given by the gods. In fact, the gods actually come to visit, bringing enlightenment. They talk of life after death. The destruction is spoken of as purification: cleansing the old before creation of the new. The Chilam Balam claims that after the time of trial and tears the 'divisions in the earth will be one; one Ahau in the heavens, one Ahau in the earth as the ancient prophecies say.' This seems to be the Mayan version of 's above, so below.' After this time of travail the Golden Age of the Maya begins.

Looking at the traditions and history of the Maya may give some insights into what's to come. The general Maya tradition believes that cycles of any length end with purification, followed by renewal. With 2012 prophesied to be the end of a cycle, the Maya seem to point to us being in for a rough ride—but who knows what the future will bring? In the meantime, carpe diem!"

Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews, The Complete Idiot's Guide to 2012
(Web. December 14, 2012)

2013: The Beginning is Here
"The Mayan's interpretation of history is embedded in their calendar, completed by priest-astronomers in the year 1479 and carved into the Aztec-Mayan sunstone. The Mayan calendar details long passages of time, including mathematical calculations so accurate that modern astronomers are at a loss to understand how a traditional people could arrive at them (for example, the calculation of the length of the Earth's revolution within a thousandth of a decimal point).

The most famous calculation is encoded in the so-called long count. The 'Age of Jaguar', the thirteenth baktun of 144,000 days, will come to an end on the 21st of December 2012. That will mark the end of the Fourth Sun (also known as the Fourth World) and the end—and at the same time the beginning—of the Mayan calendar. This transformative date is written as in long count notation, which is the same as the notation for the first day in the calendar.

December 21, 2012 marks the end of the long count in the Mayan calendar (and thus also the end and rebirth of the calendar), but not the end of the world. Carlos Barrios, a Guatemalan historian and anthropologist who became a Mayan Ajq'ij ceremonial priest and spiritual guide, is currently the most authentic spokesperson for the Mayan elders. He is definite on the question regarding the end of the world.

Other people write about prophecy in the name of the Maya. They say that the world will end on December 21, 2012. The Mayan elders are angry with this. The world will not end. It will be transformed.

Everything will change: December 21, 2012 will be a date of rebirth, the beginning of the World of the Fifth Sun. The nature of that world is not determined in advance, but the Mayan system suggests that it may be the beginning of a new cycle of Ages, starting with the Golden Age. It is likely to mark a fundamental shift in human culture and consciousness."

2013: The Beginning is Here
Jim Young, John Hunt Publishing (Jan 16 2011) pp. 17-18

(Uploaded on eve of December 21, 2012)

The Mayan Prophecies for 2012
"Would that he might return from the west, uniting us in commiseration over our present unhappy plight! This is the fulfilment of the prophecies of Katun 5 Ahua. ... God grant that there may come a Deliverer from our afflictions, who will answer our prayers in Katun 1 Ahua!!
Chilam Balam of Tizimin


The prophecy of the return of a Supreme Teacher or Being speaks of Quetzalcoat, known to the Maya as Kukulcan. However, there is a growing belief that this will not take the form of an actual return or reincarnation, but of people themselves taking on the character and attributes of the Supreme Being through their own spiritual evolution, to the point of overcoming the duality of the subject-object relationship. It is a prophecy the resonates with all religions.


Much lies behind this prophecy, and to understand its significance we need to trace in a little background.

Mayan mythology has, to a great extent, pivoted around Quetzalcoat, the plumed or feathered serpent, one of the principal gods of Mesoamerican religion, whom the Maya called, Kukulcan. His cult and its influence was not confined to the Toltec-Maya, and his emblem, the feathered serpent, is found throughout Mexico. Much of Mesoamerican religion, and one of the principal Mayan prophecies, was focused on the belief that Kukulcan would return. This belief was so deeply embedded, that in November 1519, Montezuma II, ruler of the Aztecs, virtually surrendered to Cortez believing him to be either an emissary of Quetzacoatl or the god himself, newly incarnated....

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in suggests that, 'Kukulcan (the Feathered Serpent God, also known as Quetzalcoat) is to the New World what Christ is to Europe: the centre of a religious cosmology and the pre-eminent symbol of the civilized nations of Mesoamerica'.

It is hardly surprising that Spanish missionaries, like the 17th-century Father Avendano, rationalized the prophecy of the coming of Kukulcan as the Spanish conquest and the Maya's conversion to Christianity. However, behind the missionary's Christianization of the prophecies lies a genuine and very ancient native tradition. The American anthropologist and linguist Alfred Tozzer explained that, 'these prophecies were doubtless adapted by the Spanish to proselytizing purposes but they were fundamentally to have been native accounts of the return of Kukulcan, one of the culture heroes of the Maya, and corresponding to the Quetzalcoat of the Mexicans'. It is therefore, beyond question, that the prophecies of the jaguar Priests are embedded in ancient tradition, and predate Christian influence.

Quetzalcoatl is frequently represented as a feathered or plumed serpent, and because of this serpent symbolism, the prophecies of the return of Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan have important associations with the esoteric parallel of Hinduism's secret knowledge of k'ulthanlini (kundalini) and the seven chakras, the body's centres of energy. Although there is a tradition before the Christian era Mayan elders and priest travelled to India taking their knowledge with them, the influence remains conjectural. Even so, it is remarkable that the Maya taught about the seven power centres of the human body by which means the energy of the cosmos was assimilated and expressed. It may well be a striking example of parallel development. In Hindu teaching, kundalini represents a serpent-like potential curled at the base of the spine. Specific techniques of yoga and meditation can 'awaken' this serpent whose energy rises through the seven chakras; training in this technique under the necessary guidance of a guru or teacher is one of the many 'paths' to liberation. In Mayan mythology, the source of this energy lies in the Earth from where it begins to move; first, to the base of the spine, then through each of the seven chakras. This vital link between the Earth and the body is one of the central themes of the prophecies that speak of the urgent need of humanity to recover its intimate relationship with Nature...

Thus far, we have a prophecy that speaks of the return of a god which, understood literally or otherwise, will liberate earthbound energies, and revitalize our consciousness and the life of the spirit. Beyond this, the prophecy carries a message of broader significance pointing to a Supreme Being, that is, to the Mayan monotheism of one true god, Hunab K'u...

Most of the major world religions hold on to an expectation of the coming of a Supreme Being, Teacher or Saviour. Jews focus on the Messianic hope, Christians on the Second Coming of Christ, Islam on the return of Jesus the prophet and the Mahdi. Hinduism holds to traditions such as that of Kalki, Buddhism to a concept of the Maitreya, the 'loving one', the fifth and last of the five earthly Buddhas. Robert Boissiere's account of the belief in an imminent return of a type of teacher or saviour among native and aboriginal people, suggests that their beliefs are similar to the Christian expectation of the 'Second Coming' of Jesus. Each of these traditions, preserving as they do the myth of a returning saviour or leader, also have in common the assurance that the return will be linked to a time when both humanity and the Earth are at risk."

The Mayan Prophecies for 2012
Gerald Benedict, Watkins (Sep 2 2008)

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"Adi Shakti is the great Mother ... to start the Golden Age; in this incarnation her name is Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi."

Judith Coney: Sahaja Yoga
"The Adi Shakti is the great Mother... She also incarnates, either in her own right (as Sri Durga 1000 years ago) or in one of her many aspects... She has incarnated, for instance, in her Mother aspect as the Mother of Christ (Mary);* in her wife aspect as Sri Sita in the case of Sri Rama; and Sri Radha, the wife of Sri Krishna. She was the sister (Nanaki) of the ... Guru Nanak... Today her most complete incarnation is living on the earth to start the Golden Age; in this incarnation her name is Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi. (ibid.)

The Advent also elaborates on the different ways in which Sri Mataji embodies all the aspects of the Goddess, starting with ancient Hindu scripture. Thus in the Sri Lalita Sahasranama, a liturgy to the Thousand Names of the Goddess, the 153rd name is Nishkalanka. This, the author notes, is the full form of the name Kalki—who, it is believed, will come in the end days to oversee the destruction of evil and the creation of a new cycle of ages—and a reference to Sri Mataji's claim to be Kalki herself. In the same text, he goes on, her 110th name is kundalini, a reference to Sri Mataji's power to raise kundalini for self-realisation.

In addition to equating Sri Mataji with the Goddess through scriptural references, de Kalbermatten tells stories of how followers have had visions* in which they have seen her as a goddess. In other visions, he says, some see her in the form of a god as well, for Sri Mataji, as the shakti or power of all the deities, integrates all their qualities, both male and female:

I look at Sri Mataji. And I see the figure of a man or rather, of a God, a face of unsurpassable greatness, light blue in complexion, radiating with a beauty and majesty for which there is no name. I am bewildered, adoring, subjugated... When I look as Her again, everything is normal. I tell her what happened. She says simply 'It was Sri Krishna' (ibid., 258).

In her behaviour too, he writes, she emulates all aspects of the Goddess. One of the most important of these aspects for her charismatic identity is Mahamaya, the Great Illusion. As she is the mistress of illusion, his readership learns that they cannot expect to understand the behaviour of Sri Mataji, and that they must simply have faith in her instead. Moreover, because of her aspect of Mahamaya, she does not appear in ordinary life as 'who she really is'. Thus, the secrecy surrounding her true status and mission is used in this way to substantiate her claims. Sri Mataji also appears in the text as the perfect Mother, both to her own daughters who she saw happily installed in arranged marriages before she would begin her spiritual work, and to her followers. She is, the writer reveals, the embodiment of Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu. Appropriately to that role, as a wife she is described as being invariably 'extremely respectful and obedient to her husband' (ibid., 262). Furthermore,

... though she is from an aristocratic and rich family and her husband is a very highly placed officer, she is extremely mild, humble and kind. She gets up early every morning and quietly does the household work by herself.. she is a charming housewife and a superb cook. (ibid., 265-6)

and she shines in virtue in her dealings with the others:

With elderly men she is respectful but with much younger boys and girls she laughs and jokes; ..- with men she maintains a proper, dignified distance. She is affectionate with ladies and extremely free with little girls.. She can be said to be the embodiment of correctness and modesty. (ibid., 267)

Her good health and vigour at her advanced age, coupled with her constant travelling around the world, are also used to legitimate her claim to be the Adi Shakti, and her mastery of kundalini. In short, Sri Mataji is presented in The Advent as an individual who exemplifies the virtues of cited sacred precedents, thus sanctioning her clams to be the key to salvation and to be the Goddess herself."

Judith Coney, Sahaja Yoga
RoutledgeCurzon; 1 edition (May 24 1999) pp. 103-5
Judith Coney is a lecturer in the Department of Study of Religions at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

*This email from Isabelle of France is just one of the thousands of visions and dreams experienced by Her disciples over the decades revealing the true nature of Shri Mataji; that She, indeed, is the Paraclete sent in Jesus' name to complete and bring closure to His message, and commence the promised Resurrection.

Mar 22, 2008

Dear Violet

It's not Easter Sunday for us yet in France, as it is 11.00 pm. This Easter is very cold (6° tonight), very windy, with very strong rain. It might even snow tomorrow. I've always felt particularly "stirred"within at Easter, ever since I was a child.

As you know, I met Shri Mataji physically for the first time at Easter, in Australia. I remember Her powerful speech at the puja : everything became"clear"for me. I had always wondered, as a Christian child, what resurrection actually meant, and there and then, in front of my amazed eyes Shri Mataji was explaining that Christ has come on Earth to show us the way through the"narrow gate", and to show that if we followed Him, we could"become"like Him, get resurrected from our human condition.

She also mentioned the symbol of the egg : that the eggs we offered each other at Easter represented our limited consciousness, blocked by ego and superego, and that the"egg"had to be broken to link our limited consciousness to the greater Self.

A few years later, in a meditation, I got a"flash"from a past life, at the time of Christ. I was in a mad and angry crowd. An intense atmosphere of violence was terrifying me and crushing my heart. It was like being at the bottom of a dark hot pit. The sun was high and burning but I was shaking with despair and loneliness. The crowd moved forward and screamed.

And there He was, sweating, bleeding, walking painfully under the weight of a horrible heavy cross. He didn't seem to mind so much despite the evident weight of the cross, the heat and the pain. He was calm, silent, lonely...

Across the crowd, I suddenly caught a glimpse of His mother, Mary. I instantly recognised Shri Mataji, looking very young. She was looking very sad, but there was no sign of"rebellion"in Her. She kept quiet, peaceful; dignified like a queen.

I felt the despair go up to my throat and suffocate me : Why didn't He save Himself? Why did She let them do that to Her Son? How could a mother stand this?

My heart was full of darkness, pain, revolt...

I could still feel the anger, the intense despair, the feeling of loss and loneliness which had probably grabbed me over 2000 years ago...

I came back to the present, to my meditation; tears were rolling down my cheeks and I could hardly breathe. And suddenly, I felt all Her Love, and all His Love. A bright light burst into my heart : Human beings had not crucified and killed Jesus : they had"killed" themselves ! They had projected all their anger, their lack of faith unto Him. He was far too bright and beautiful for them. He was showing them how they could become but they couldn't bear it. They were not ready. They couldn't accept His purity, His beauty, which was also theirs, although it was deeply buried in them.

Jesus had shown them the beauty and the light of the Spirit, but the light blinded them and they refused to accept it, at the time. A big drama had to take place first before Humanity could eventually accept the Gift that God had given them, the gift of the Spirit. A long and painful quest started, that would last more than 2000 years for most of us. I understood why Mary/Mataji and Jesus were so quiet and sad at the time : they were sad because they knew of the doom that was awaiting humanity. They had so much compassion for us. Like a Mother and and elderly Brother who are sad to see little children stumble, fall and hurt themselves; but they have to leave the little ones understand by themselves how to get up and walk. The drama had to unfold...

We are so blessed to know Shri Mataji. We are so blessed to feel Her love within. We are so blessed to be reconciled with ourselves, at last. May these blessings permeate the collective consciousness of Mankind.

Lots of Love to all


The Paraclete (Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl) and the"mass Kundalini awakening that brings about global self-realizations for humanity."

The Spirit-Paraclete Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Mar 21, 1923—Feb 23, 2011
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was
Christian by birth, Hindu by
marriage, and Paraclete by duty.
"The Paraclete represents direct,
intimate divine intervention,
supporting and teaching
believers and challenging the
world, as Jesus did." "The
Paraclete cannot be received by
the world (14:17), as Jesus
himself was rejected (5:43; 12:48;
15:18-20). The world which does
not know the Paraclete (14:17)
did not know Jesus (16:13)."
Daniel B. Stevick, Jesus and His
, 2011, pp. 290 & 292

"Rudolf Bultmann ... calls the coming of the Redeemer (Paraclete) an 'eschatological event,' 'the turning-point of the ages'." — George Eldon Ladd

"The reaction of the world to the Paraclete will be much the same as the world's reaction was to Jesus." — Berard L. Marthaler

"But She—the Spirit, the Paraclete ...—will teach you everything." — Danny Mahar

"The functions of the Paraclete spelled out in verses 13-15... are all acts of open and bold speaking in the highest degree." — David Fleer

"They will be privileged to know the Paraclete, as they have known Jesus (14:7, 9, 17). The Spirit will be within the disciples and will remain with them." — Robert Creech

The Paraclete's"appearance means that sin, righteousness, and judgment will be revealed." — Georg Strecker

"Because of the presence of the Paraclete in the life of the believer, the blessings of the end-times—the eschaton—are already present." — Robert Kysar

"The Spirit acts in such an international situation as the revealer of 'judgment' on the powers that rule the world." — Michael Welker

"Stephen Smalley asserts that 'the Spirit-Paraclete ... in John's Gospel is understood as personal, indeed, as a person.'" — Marianne Meye Thompson

"I know all ... but I have not revealed it so far. It will be slowly revealed by me because people have not been prepared yet to become capable of absorbing it."

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Bombay, India — February 26, 1987

"The Paraclete's ministry to the disciples both goes beyond and is limited by Jesus' ministry. On the one hand, the Paraclete would teach the disciples 'll things' (14:26), and so the disciples would know more from the Paraclete's teaching than they knew from Jesus' teaching (see 1 John 2:27)... The Spirit's teaching went beyond what Jesus taught only in that it deepened their understanding of what He said.
Jesus' statements in John 14:25-26 are closely paralleled by those in 16:12-15... What may be implicit in John 14:25-26, that Jesus had limited what He told the disciples because of their inability to understand, is made explicit in 16:12. They had trouble understanding what He did tell them, and now the reason for that is made plain: their abilities are limited." (Hamilton 2006, 80)

Shri Mataji 1983 TV Interview (Houston, USA: Live with questions)

Note: This 4000-page site is an effort to enable humanity to grasp the vastness of the Spirit-Paraclete's Apocalypse, mystically and esoterically revealed to children by the Mother Kundalini (Kukulkan) within themselves since 1993. This site explains in detail the Apocalypse—evidence, source, nature, knowledge and means to evolve into the Spirit—that may also help set into motion the initial post-December 21, 2012 global shift in consciousness—the"mass Kundalini awakening that brings about global self-realizations for humanity."

"In the summer of 2002, I heard philosopher Stanley Messenger give a talk about Rudolph Steiner's prediction of 'mankind crossing the threshold at the end of the century'. Stanley said that all the people who have completed a struggle towards enlightenment through the ages have formed a 'critical mass' that will allow the majority of mankind to cross this threshold together, that Steiner foresaw this, and that the time is now. Stanley sees the event as reaching its climax by 2012, and sees a connection to the crop circles phenomenon. Although some feel it is unfair that all the masses should reap the benefits of the sacrifices of a few, it would seem to be a natural process, like Rupert Sheldrake's 'Morphic Resonance' theories, or the 'hundredth monkey' phenomenon, in which an entire species somehow miraculously gains a behavioral attribute when a certain 'critical' percentage of individuals pioneer it." (Geoff Stray, John Major Jenkins, 2009)

All living beings have the same Mother Kundalini (Kukulkan) within themselves, the font of Consciousness."According to Hunbatz Men, 'Ku' is sacred, God. 'Kul' is coccyx, the base of the spine, where latent spiritual energy resides. 'Can' means serpent. 'Kukulcan' therefore is synonymous with 'kundalini'—which is what the Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl archetype is all about, of course." (Dr. John Jay Harper)

Those ready for awakening their own Mother Kundalini (Kukulkan)—the total and exact gnosis required by anyone of any religion, race, culture or creed wishing to spiritually transform themselves, over time, into a full and completely evolved human being—click here.

2012 Rising - The Last Tzolkin
The"mass Kundalini awakening that brings about global self-realizations for humanity."

"It is at Chichen Itza that we find the large iconic stepped pyramid known as the pyramid of Kukulkan, a pyramid that has certain astronomical functions which also link it to the current Katun 4 Ahau, specifically a serpentine shadow effect during equinox of this period only.

Kukulkan is considered a central deity in the Mayan pantheon ... More recently the researchers John Major Jenkins revealed in his book entitled Pyramid of Fire that Kukulkan may well be a representation of a spiritual energy that is believed to reside within all human beings. Jenkins discovered in an ancient text that the Toltec's, who worshipped Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent god equivalent to Kukulkan, regarded this deity as a serpentine evolutionary energy that rises up the spine. Astonishingly as identical energy, named Kundalini, is descried by the followers of the ancient Vedic system from India. Thus the prophecy from the Chilam Balam of Chumayel that says that Kukulkan will return in Katun 4 Ahau could refer to some kind of mass Kundalini awakening that brings about global self-realizations for humanity."

Bruce Fenton and Daniella Cardena, 2012 Rising - The Last Tzolkin
Balboa Press (September 10, 2012) pp. 57-8

Hunbatz Men, Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion

Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion
"I think it is important to mention again the other ancient cultures, like those of India, where we find roots of words similar to peninsular Mayan. Valmiki wrote that the Naga Maya brought their culture to India around 2700 B.C., although we believe it was even earlier. We also maintain that they brought their culture to other parts of Asia and to Africa, where they were called Mayax according to Manetho, the Egyptian priest-historian.

There are notable similarities between Indian culture and the cultures of the Maya of Yucatan and other indigenous people of America, especially in esoterica. Figure 27 shows a clay sculpture from western Guerrero state. This piece represents a meditating figure seated in the Hindu 'lotus' position of yoga. Here is clear evidence, dear reader, that our ancestors practised this system of meditation in Mexico. Furthermore, the very word yoga exists in Mayan. Written yok'hah, it combines yok, 'above' or 'on top of,' and hah, 'truth.' ...

The word cizin esoterically implies a manifestation of our energies i.e., a practical application of knowledge. A flowering of radiation is visually represented by the serpent symbol of solar energy. The other extreme is cizin is in the coccyx, or the k'ul. Herein lie some of the secrets of Christ, the Jews, and other Catholic religious saints who exhibit auras surrounding their heads or bodies. It relates to what we saw in Figure 29, the meditating Mayan priest...

To conclude this brief analysis of the magic seven and its importance, we will cite another Hindi word: kundalini. This word exists in Mayan in two forms: k'ultanlilni and k'ulthanlilni. This again demonstrates the fact that world culture had roots which we, the peninsular Maya of Mexico, helped establish thousands of years ago. The Hindi word kundalini is the derivative evidence...

Continuing with our analysis of the words k'ultanlilni and k'ulthanlilni, we will try to discover new revelations through the Zuyua of pach than. As we just learned, in this form we use the words in reverse, i.e., in lil nat luk' and in lil nath luk', and study them in the contexts of etymology, linguistics, symbology, religion, science, etc.


K'u—Sacred, God, and name of the pyramid; the first sound a human makes upon arriving in this world.
K'ul—Coccyx, the sacred place where solar energy is deposited at the base of the spine. It can also mean k'u—"sacred," "God," etc.—with the"L," contraction of lil," vibration."
K'ultan—Literally, it means coccyx and its location. From k'ul," coccyx," and tan," place."This word also says k'u," God"or"pyramid"of lil—"vibration," as seen above.
K'ulthan—Similar to above with the addition of than—"to speak."k'ul—"coccyx"; than—"to speak," or"to speak to the coccyx," "to God"or"to the pyramids," etc.
K'ultanlil—This word contains k'u—"God"or"pyramid";"L"—"vibration"; tan—"place"; and lil—"vibration."also k'ul—"coccyx," implying that the coccyx is the location of the vibration of Hunab K'u, the Sun God.
K'ulthanlil—Composed of k'u—"God," "pyramid";"L"—"vibration"; than—"to speak"; and lil—"vibration."K'ul is also"coccyx"; in the coccyx we can address the vibration of Hunab K'u.
K'ultanlilni—Finally one of the two complete words. K'u—"God," "pyramid";"L"—vibration; tan—"place"; lil—"vibration."and ni—"nose"; also k'ul—"coccyx."The composite meaning—the coccyx as the plaice of vibration is directly related to the nose because it is where the breath of the Sun God enters.
K'ulthanlilni—Similar to the previous word except for one significant variation. It means k'u—"God," "pyramid";"L"—"vibration"; than—"to speak"; lil—"vibration"; and ni—"nose"; also k'ul—"coccyx."Coccyx of vibration, speak to the vibration, and also know how to breathe properly in order to generate movement of those faculties of Hunab K'u residing in the coccyx.

Through language, the Mayan culture instructs the people and enables them to develop the faculties which Hunab K'u placed in their bodies. Clearly, this process must become part of our consciousness so that we may become true Quetzalcoatls or Kukulcans. This process in uniquely expressed in our religious/scientific language, as we have demonstrated."

Hunbatz Men, Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion
Bear & Company (August 1, 1989) pp. 111/132-35

2013: The Beginning is Here
The Teachings of the Serpent and Mayan Prophecy

"More than any other creature, the serpent is most consistently found in ancient cultures around the world. From ancient Sumerian and Minoan artifacts, to Indian, Egyptian and Mayan texts, you will find the symbol of the serpent. The spiral shape of the coiled serpent is perhaps the most widespread image carved on ancient Celtic dolmen, among Native American petro-glyphs and etched on pottery vessels in Africa and Australia.

Why is the serpent such a universal symbol? What did the serpent mean to all these ancient civilizations? Why was it so prominent? And what does it have to do with the Mayan prophecies we are hearing so much about?

While much has been written on the serpent as the symbol for the Goddess and the divine feminine, and while there are many references to the serpent as the kundalini energy in both sexuality and spirituality, there is little reference to the serpent and the cosmos.

For several years we have had the honor of working with Don Miguel Angel Vergara, a renowned Mayan elder and nagual. He tells us the ancient Maya were keepers of the cosmic knowledge and wisdom. They called themselves 'the people of the serpent'. This description refers to their star-ancestral connection with the constellation of the Pleiades (Tzab-Kan), which is seen in the heavens as the rattle at the end of the tail of the serpent. The serpent itself is the Milky way. The energy of this cosmic serpent brings the transmission of knowledge and wisdom from the cosmos to the Mayan people...

The ancient Maya were incredible astronomers with profound understandings of the workings of the celestial bodies. Mayan day-keepers passed down this knowledge through the ages. Today, we are in the midst of a rare thirty-six year of the earth. For the first time in 26,000 years, the earth will be closest to the galactic center and the sun will be most closely aligned with what is known as the Dark Rift, or the Black Road of the Milky Way. For the Maya, while the Pleiades represent the tail of the serpent, the Dark Rift represents the mouth of the serpent. Through sacred ceremony, Mayan shamans would enter the serpent's mouth, traveling through the darkness, until they reached the eternal source of the infinite. In this place of cosmic consciousness they were reborn, coming back through the passage, bringing cosmic knowledge and wisdom to the people. This was not merely by the sharing of their experience or the words of their stories, but as living conduits of the energy received, bringing these celestial frequencies with them to the earth. When we see the images of the feathered serpent, Ku-Kul-Kaan, you will see the face of a man emerging from the mouth of the serpent. This is the truly true man, the enlightened one.

In this amazing time in which we live, we are about to pass through this Dark Rift. It is an opportunity for all of us to enter into the ocean of cosmic consciousness of the Great serpent. Within this space, we experience unlimited possibilities, expanding into our full potential as multi-dimensional beings. We are one with the Great Mother, one with infinite source."

2013: The Beginning is Here
Jim Young, John Hunt Publishing (Jan 16 2011) pp. 149

"The kundalini is the essence of the Goddess. The Goddess is the source, and the force, of life; everyone has the feminine within, and must embrace it, then release it, in order to achieve liberation."

The Graceful Guru
"In the medieval period, there is an ultimate feminine guru represented in a classical text: the Goddess. It is she, not a wife or a saint, who assumes the public role of teacher and is capable of teaching all of humankind, which is the perspective advanced in the Devi Gita... the culmination of earlier stories of the Goddess found in the puranic mythological stories and in early tantric texts, precisely because the Devi Gita raises the Goddess to the level of Supreme Ruler. In the Devi Gita, supreme cosmic power is unambiguously female: she is a beautiful goddess, her power is the feminine shakti, and she is not linked to a male god, being most frequently referred as Mother. In the text, she first appears as a blazing light, symbolizing brahman, then transforms into a womanly figure, who is the Supreme Ruler Bhuvaneshvari)...

What is unambiguous in the text is that all of humankind is essentially female. The Devi Gita asserts this axiom in two ways. On one level, the Goddess is brahman; thus, humankind's true inner essence, the divine self, is the Goddess. On another level, the Devi Gita explicitly connects the Goddess to the concept of kundalini from yoga theory. The theory of kundalini yoga is known from other texts, on which the Devi Gita draws in presenting the Goddess's teaching on the subject. Basic concepts in this theory of yoga include the understanding that humankind possesses a 'subtle body' alongside the material body. This subtle body is homologized to cosmic entities and their corresponding cosmic energies. The power center is the kundalini, imagined to be coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine. Uncoiling this shakti energy through disciplined activities, including controlled breathing, correct posture, and meditation, is the goal, for it is only through the release of the kundalini that humankind can reach its full potential in sharing the fundamental essence of the universe. With its emphasis on the Goddess as the Supreme Ruler, the Devi Gita can make a further connection not possible in other texts: The kundalini is the essence of the Goddess. The Goddess is the source, and the force, of life; everyone has the feminine within, and must embrace it, then release it, in order to achieve liberation."

Karen Pechilis, The Graceful Guru
Oxford University Press, (August 5, 2004) pp. 23-25

Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses
"Kundalini, often translated as the 'serpent power,' is a term which has gained some recognition today, particularly in yogic and New Age circles, though it is seldom properly understood. Kundalini literally means a coiled-up energy or the power that dwells in a cave (kunda). For any transformation to be possible, an energy is needed to bring it about. For the transformation of consciousness a special and powerful energy is needed. This is Kundalini.

Tantra presents a whole yogic and mantric science for developing Kundalini. However, this Tantric science has its foundation or parallels in Vedic, Vedantic and Yoga texts that speak of the transforming word (vak), the energy of consciousness (chit-shakti), or the power of knowledge (jnan-shakti), which are all synonyms for Kundalini.

The traditional role of Kundalini is different than the way in which it is generally viewed today, which is to regard it as a mere force to control and harness. Kundalini is a form of the Goddess and should be worshipped as Her power. It is not some psychic energy to be aroused but a Divine energy to be revered. Efforts to manipulate Kundalini through willful practice or forceful techniques are not only dangerous, but fail to recognize the reality of the Goddess and are contrary to her worship."

Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses
David Frawley, Lotus Press (March 1, 1994) p. 30

"Vibrations (Cool Breeze/Pneuma/Reeh al-Qiyamah/Prana/Qi) are the feeling of the All-pervading Divine Power within yourself on your central nervous system. You can feel this Divine Power for the first time after self realization on your central nervous system ending up into your fingertips where the sympathetic centers are located... And this is the time of Resurrection because Kundalini resides in the sacrum, which is the Aquarius. And this is the Age of the Aquarius; this is the Age of the Kundalini."

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Public Lecture, New Delhi, India, 1983

Temple of Kukulkan (Serpent God or Kundalini)

Temple of Kukulkan
Temple of Kukulkan: In the 1980s, Chichen
Itza began to receive an influx of visitors on
the day of the spring equinox. Today several
thousand show up to see the light-and-
shadow effect on the Temple of Kukulcan in
which the feathered serpent god supposedly
can be seen to crawl down the side of the
pyramid."A serrated line of seven
interlocking triangles (chakras) gives the
impression of a long tail leading downward to
the stone head of the serpent Kukulkan
(Kundalini), at the base of the stairway."
"The Mayan masters teach that we are the
integration of the seven powers of light,
traveling in the form of the serpent,
undulating eternally with movement and
measure. In Mayan, the pyramid is called
k'u, the root word for the sacred Hunab K'u,
the Only Giver of Movement and Measure.
Thus, when we see the seven triangles in
Chichen Itza during the equinoxes, we are
witnessing a demonstration of culture which
pervades the atmosphere and stones of
this sacred place. With respect and humility,
we should kneel before the presence of
Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl. By so doing, we will
begin to awaken our cosmic consciousness,
allowing Hunab K'u to enter the sacred
temples in our bodies!"— Hunbatz Men,
Secrets of Mayan Science and Religion p.126.
(Enlarged photo shows Serpent and trailing
tail during the spring equinox.)
"Quetzalcoatl taught the ancients all the necessary skills to advance their civilization, from mathematics and science to agriculture and astronomy, as well as the famous Mayan calendrical formulae which predicts the end of the world to be December 21st 2012. He taught the people to live in peace and then moved on disappearing across the sea, but he promised he would someday return. Unfortunately for the ancient inhabitants of Mexico they mistook the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors and Cortez in 1519 as Quetzalcaotl's return, bringing about their tragic doom. Accepting them with open arms and treating them with utmost reverence the ancient people expected their newly arrived god to bestow great benevolence upon them. Instead the Spanish invaders brought nothing but greed and brutality for their trusting hosts.

The name Quetzalcoatl (ket-tsul'kwot-ul) means"plumed or feathered serpent". We must certainly then mention the great ancient city of Chichen Itza on Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. There, twice a year, an amazing spectacle related to the feathered serpent god takes place:

"The most famous of all Mayan cities is Chichen Itza in Yucatan. This was founded over 1000 years ago and the famous pyramid called 'Pyramid of Kukulcan' was built here. Each year at the spring and autumn equinox, around 4 p.m., the Sun casts a shadow on the stepped structure. As if by magic, this shadow appears to form a slithering serpent which slides down the face of the pyramid to the Earth below. It is believed that this serpent represents the deity, Quezalcoatl, the 'feathered serpent', also known as Kukulcan. ... Natives of the area have a long held belief in this divine serpent goddess, who has fostered life on Earth and delivered mankind from evils." (Arvind Bhatnagar, William Charles, 2005, 8)

So then, on these two very important dates, the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, it appears that Quetzalcoatl is indeed present among his people as the shadow of the serpent moves along the steps of the Pyramid of Kulkulkan.

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
"This Power is placed in the triangular bone which is called as sacrum, which means Greeks knew about this centre. They very well knew about it, that's why they called it sacred, sacrum. In many countries there has been a manifestation that they know about this particular Power.

I happened to go to Colombia where I collected an authentic antique copy of the antique necklace. The necklace had at its bottom a Kundalini and even the earrings had the Kundalini, but, surprisingly, it was from the Indians of America, though it is now kept in the museum in Colombia. It was in America that people knew about Kundalini, definitely absolutely in three and a half coil they had done this pattern very well. Is very surprising that it was done even before Columbus came here."

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Philadelphia, USA — Oct 15, 1993

"It is important at this juncture to note the similarities and differences between the functions of the Spirit as Paraclete in Jn 14-16 and the life-giving Spirit in Jn 3-7. Although both the Paraclete and the life-giving Spirit convey wisdom, the nature and purpose of this wisdom is quite distinct. The life-giving Spirit enables the recipients to grasp the significance of the cross and Jesus' true identity. The Paraclete, on the other hand, given to the disciples in order to assist their witness, offers charismatic wisdom by enabling the disciples to recall and understand the teaching of Jesus. The purpose of the Paraclete is not to grant the disciples that wisdom which is essential for the right relationship with God (i.e. spiritual life). Rather, the Paraclete grants a special kind of wisdom; it is wisdom which is directed toward the unbelieving world in the form of witness." (Menzies 2004, 48-9)

The Mesoamerican Sacrum Bone: Doorway To The OtherWorld
by Brian Stross, University of Texas

"Great serpent Mound may be viewed as a golden thread running through all the great religious systems of the world and potentially functioning as a key to their secrets"— Ross Mamilton

The Serpent Mound
The Serpent Mound
(Aerial photo)
"The Great Serpent Mound has been classified with a large collection of North American prehistoric earthen mounds extending from the East Coast to the Mississippi and beyond. This particular work, however, is distinguished from the countless other mounds and earthen structures throughout the eastern United States in that its design can be dated to a period about 5,000 years ago. Only Watson Brake, a group of mounds in Louisiana discovered in the last decade of the twentieth century, can rival its antiquity. But to my knowledge, nothing in the Americas compares with the Serpent Mound in terms of the precise astronomic, arithmetic, geometric, and spiritual knowledge it embodies...

The Great Serpent Mound is situated in southwestern Ohio's Adams County, not far from the Ohio River. It is on the western edge of an elevated plateau overlooking Brush Creek, one of the last unpolluted streams in the entire state. Owning three features, the Serpent's complete body, uncoiled and stretched out, would measure more than a quarter of a mile tip to tail. Its height varies from the perhaps less than ten inches at the end of the tail's helix to several feet at the opposite end. The earthwork appears to be a serpent attempting to swallow, regurgitate, or simply be in association with an object archaeologists refer to as"the oval feature," or the Great Oval. At the very western end of the Serpent is the smallest feature, a triangular mound measuring approximately 31.6 feet along its east base.

The Serpent Mound
Lunar alignments correspond to
six of the seven coils of the
serpent effigy. The coils to the
right point to the moon's
maximum northern, southern,
and central rising points, and
the coils to the left point to the
moons maximum northern,
southern and central setting
points. As such, the serpent is
closely identified with the moon,
and with the underworld. The
head and oval also point to the
sun's maximum northern setting
point, during the summer
solstice, and appear to show the
sun symbolically being
"swallowed"by the serpent. The
serpent is also aligned to true
north via a line traveling from
the center of its coiled tail to
the base of its head. (Enlarged)
The earthwork is aligned exactingly to the north. Numerous other features show that its builders oriented it to astronomical phenomena in a startlingly rich and detailed fashion and built it in accord with precise principles of geometry and arithmetic. Many other prehistoric earthworks and stonework also show astronomical and mathematical connections, but it is one of the aims of this book to demonstrate how the Great Serpent Mound is unique in the sheer number and complexity of these connections. In this regard it exceeds even the Great Pyramid of ancient Egypt or the Parthenon of Greece. Truly, it is a wonder of the prehistoric world...

The mystery of the Serpent Mound boils down to the questions of who designed it, who constructed it, and why. It is probably beyond our capacities to determine exactly what our Serpent was signifying. In the opinion of some, it is a"manitou," a Native American tem for"spiritual entity."I would take this notion a step further, being now convinced that our Serpent is"Gitche Manitou," which is to say, the"Great Spirit"and ancestral guardian of the ancient people. Yet while the Great Serpent has long been believed to be a treasure indigenous to North America, there are undeniable connections in its design to distant regions of the ancient world...

Our Great Serpent, showpiece of the world's ancient architectural forms, may once have been perceived as the representation of an extensive body of knowledge that could be wisely described as a philosophical masterpiece, a magnum opus. Constructed to demonstrate the highest possible esoteric concepts, our Serpent Mound is the remnant of an ancient philosophical transmission...

Whatever its origin, properly understood, the symbolism of the stellar serpent contained in the Great serpent Mound may be viewed as a golden thread running through all the great religious systems of the world and potentially functioning as a key to their secrets. The serpent image itself is a compacted seed of light, a bearer of all knowledge. Like the worm of the mythical phoenix, the shape is which is familiar yet forgotten, the Great Serpent's destiny is to be recognized as a harbinger of light, ultimately to be reinstated to its true fullness of form, dominating the landscape and politics of the human race. It would be the first of the apocalyptic"seals"to be opened, aptly called the Great Seal.; these auguring a time when peace and prosperity will once again rule the Earth.

Though we now have begun to see that the patterns contained in some of the earthworks are actually alignments pertaining to the stars and to the paths of the sun and moon along the horizon, we are also at the dawn of a more far-reaching illumination. So profound in meaning and broad in scope is this revelation that it may well test the general populace to the rational limits of its mental horizon ... the focus of a multi-dimensional scheme of the genius of a distant golden age."

The Mystery of the Serpent Mound: In Search of the Alphabet of the Gods
Ross Mamilton, Frog Books, (May 3, 2001), xiii-xvi

Pyramid of Fire, Major Jenkins
"John Major Jenkins has also published a book called The Pyramid of Fire, in which he tracks down a lost Aztec codex that proves what has been speculated by various researchers over the years—that the religion of the Toltecs, based around Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god, known to the Maya as Kukulcan—was originally about the concept of an evolutionary energy that lies dormant at the base of the human spine. The concept is almost identical to the Hindu concept of Kundalini—the fire serpent that can be released from its slumber and raised up the spine, energising the power zones or chakras, until it reaches the crown chakra.

Here we have a connection to the prophecies of the Chilam Balams that mention a return of the gods in the katun 4 Ahau that ends the 13-baktun cycle, specifically, the Chilam Balam of Chumayel, that says in katun 4 Ahau, Kukulcan will return. The 20-year period we are now in, until December 2012, is katun 4 Ahau (the"katun of dishonour"). This suggestion of a mass movement of kundalini is echoed in the Hopi prophecy mentioned earlier, which predicts that in the Emergence to the Fifth World, consciousness starts to move up from the solar plexus to the heart. In Kundalini lore, it is said that when Kundalini reaches the Anahata or heart chakra, the soul awakens."

Geof Stray,

"The Coiled Serpent is brought back down to her original home at the base of the spine, recreating a new body experienced by the practitioner as divine"

"Physical embodiment, accordingly, is seen as a prime opportunity for spiritual growth, rather than as an unfortunate predicament requiring withdrawal from, or at least indifference to, the material and sensual realm.

Such an approach to spiritual development is epitomized in the famous Tantric discipline of the Serpentine Yoga (Kundalini Yoga), which utilizes the practitioner's own body as the prime vehicle for liberation. By concentrating and directing the cosmic and liberating energies that are manifestations of the Coiled Serpent Goddess (Kundalini) within one's own physical being, guiding her through the mystical centers (chakras) of the central subtle channel lying alongside or within the spine, one leads her to ecstatic union with Shiva in the topmost mystic center at the crown of the head. This ascent of the Coiled Serpent and her union with Shiva involves the successive dissolution of the world elements represented in the different mystic or psychoenergetic centers along the spine. Such dissolution, a reversal of the process of creation, is often seen in yoga texts as the basic paradigm for liberation itself. But the Serpentine Yoga does not end with the ascent. The Coiled Serpent is brought back down to her original home at the base of the spine, recreating a new body experienced by the practitioner as divine, infused as it now with the ambrosial nectar obtained from the union of Shiva and Shakti (the Coiled Serpent)."

The Song of the Goddess
The Devi Gita: Spiritual Counsel Of The Great Goddess
C. Mackenzie Brown, State University of N.Y. Press, 2002, pg. 10-11

Kundalini envisioned as Goddess or Serpent

"Kundalini literally means coiled. In Indian yoga, a 'corporeal energy' - an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force or Shakti, lies coiled at the base of the spine. It is envisioned either as a goddess or else as a sleeping serpent hence a number of English renderings of the term such as 'serpent power'. The Kundalini resides in the sacrum bone in three and a half coils and has been described as a residual power of pure desire.

The Yogatattva Upanishad mentions four kinds of yoga, of which laya-yoga involves Kundalini.

Sri Ramana Maharshi maintained that the Kundalini energy is nothing but the natural energy of the Self, where Self is the universal consciousness (Paramatma) present in every being, and that the individual mind of thoughts cloaks this natural energy from unadulterated expression. Advaita teaches that Self-realization, enlightenment, God-consciousness, nirvana and Kundalini awakening are all the same thing, and self-inquiry meditation is considered a very natural and simple means of reaching this goal...

Sir John Woodroffe (pen name Arthur Avalon) was one of the first to bring the notion of Kundalini to the West. As High Court Judge in Calcutta, he became interested in Shaktism and Hindu Tantra. His translation of and commentary on two key texts was published as The Serpent Power. Woodroffe rendered Kundalini as 'Serpent Power' for lack of a better term in the English language but 'kundala' in Sanskrit means 'coiled'."


"She is the universal, cosmic energy known as Sakti, and the psychophysical, guiding force designated as the Kundalini (Serpent Power) resident within each individual"

C. MacKenzie Brown, The Devi Gita: The Song of the Goddess
The Devi Gita, or Song of the Goddess, presents a grand vision of the universe created, pervaded, and protected by a supremely powerful, all-knowing, and wholly compassionate divine female. She is Mahadevi or the Great Goddess, known to her most devoted followers as the auspicious Mother-of-the-World (jagad-ambika, jagan-matr). Unlike the ferocious and horrific Hindu goddesses such as Kali and Durga, the World-Mother of the Devi Gita is benign and beautiful, though some of her lesser manifestations may take on terrifying forms. And unlike other beneficent divinities such as Parvati and Laksmi, she is subject to no male consort.

This World-Mother is formally addressed as Bhuvanesvari, the"Ruler of the Universe."She resides in her celestial paradise known as Manidvipa, the Jeweled Island, situated at the topmost point of the universe. From there, ever wakeful and alert, she observes the troubles of the world, eager to intervene on behalf of her devotees.

While resting in her island home, she reclines on a sacred throne or couch of remarkable design, composed of five pretas, ghosts or corpses. The four legs are the lifeless bodies of Brahma, Visnu, Rudra, and Isana (the later two being forms or aspects of Siva), and the seat is the stretched-out corpse of Sadasiva (the eternal Siva). This conception of Bhuvanesvari seated on her Panca-Pretasana (Seat of Five Corpses), marvelously illustrated in Figure 10.1, page 286, reveals her supreme sovereignty, especially over masculine pretensions to cosmic power. Brahma, Visnu, and Siva are the three male deities traditionally associated with creating, overseeing, and destroying the universe. But here, as elements of Bhuvanesvari's throne, they represent her latent cosmic energies, unconscious and inert, residing under her feet until aroused by her desire. While lounging on this couch at the beginning of creation, the Goddess splits herself into two for the sake of her own pleasure or sport—one half of her body becoming Mahesvara (Siva). In such manner she dramatically demonstrates her superiority to all the male gods.

The Great Goddess is both wholly transcendent and fully immanent: beyond space and time, she is yet embodied within all existent beings; without form as pure, infinite consciousness (cit) ... She is the universal, cosmic energy known as Sakti, and the psychophysical, guiding force designated as the Kundalini (Serpent Power) resident within each individual. She is eternal, without origin or birth, yet she is born in this world in age after age, to support those who seek her assistance. Precisely to provide comfort and guidance to her devotees, she presents herself in the Devi Gita to reveal the truths leading both to worldly happiness and to the supreme spiritual goals: dwelling in her Jeweled Island and mergence into her own perfect being.

C. MacKenzie Brown, The Devi Gita: The Song of the Goddess
State University of New York Press (September 1998) pp. 1-2

The Mysterious Kundalini

"Kundalini, the serpent power or mystic fire, is the primordial energy or Sakti that lies dormant or sleeping in the Muladhara Chakra, the centre of the body. It is called the serpentine or annular power on account of serpentine form. It is an electric fiery occult power, the great pristine force which underlies all organic and inorganic matter.

Kundalini is the cosmic power in individual bodies. It is not a material force like electricity, magnetism, centripetal or centrifugal force. It is a spiritual potential Sakti or cosmic power. In reality it has no form. The Sthula Buddhi and mind have to follow a particular form in the beginning stage. From this gross form, one can easily, understand the subtle formless Kundalini. Prana, Ahamkara, Buddhi, Indriyas, mind, five gross elements, nerves are all the products of Kundalini.

It is the coiled-up, sleeping Divine Sakti that lies dormant in all beings. You have seen in the Muladhara Chakra that there is Svayambhu Linga. The head of the Linga is the space where Sushumna Nadi is attached to the Kanda. This mysterious Kundalini lies face downwards at the mouth of Sushumna Nadi on the head of Svayambhu Linga. It has three and a half coils like a serpent. When it is awakened, it makes a hissing sound like that of a serpent beaten with a stick, and proceeds to the other Chakra through the Brahma Nadi, which is also called Chitra Nadi within Sushumna. Hence Kundalini is also called Bhujangini, serpent power. The three coils represent the three Gunas of Prakriti: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, and the half represents the Vikritis, the modification of Prakriti.

Kundalini is the Goddess of speech and is praised by all. She Herself, when awakened by the Yogin, achieves for him the illumination. It is She who gives Mukti and Jnana for She is Herself that. She is also called Sarasvati, as She is the form of Sabda Brahman. She is the source of all Knowledge and Bliss. She is pure consciousness itself. She is Brahman. She is Prana Sakti, the Supreme Force, the Mother of Prana, Agni, Bindu, and Nada. It is by this Sakti that the world exists. Creation, preservation and dissolution are in Her. Only by her Sakti the world is kept up. It is through Her Sakti on subtle Prana, Nada is produced. While you utter a continuous sound or chant Dirgha Pranava ! (OM), you will distinctly feel that the real vibration starts from the Muladhara Chakra. Through the vibration of this Nada, all the parts of the body function. She maintains the individual soul through the subtle Prana. In every kind of Sadhana the Goddess Kundalini is the object of worship in some form or the other."

Kundalini Yoga, Sri Swami Sivananda

Dr. Udo Szekulics
Mala Rao-Szekulics

"And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely."
Revelation of John 22, 17

The traditions of India and its neighbouring countries offer more spiritual knowledge than any other region of the world. At home and at school we hardly learn anything about the historical and spiritual background of these areas. As a result, we incur the danger of giving a wrong interpretation to this region's spiritual tradition by extracting a part of the whole, if we are interested in Eastern wisdom.

On the subcontinent of India we see a variety of spiritual traditions. Hinduism, Buddhism, Lamaism and other teachings confuse the Western seeker with thousands of gods, deities and different perceptions about life after dead and destiny. But even in the large variety of tinges and facets of Hinduism and its pantheon of deities there is the idea of a final unity. This one is the Brahma, or Sadashiva. Through his power Mahamaya (the Great Illusion) he creates all divine, human and material aspects of the universe. At the end, he reabsorbs everything. Yoga, the real meaning of which is"Union with God", embraces all the efforts of mankind in the spiritual domain. The final aim is not some blurred "enlightenment", also not to jump in the air a little bit or wear clothes of a certain colour, the aim is the connection with an higher awareness. Yoga," connection", is only good when this perception of a higher awareness can be achieved. This Yoga is not one single technique or a determined exercise, it is a way of life once the connection was established. All the asanas, breathing techniques et cetera are helpful tools for those who are connected and know how to apply these techniques, because the same asana may be helpful to one, but harmful to the other—depending on individual constitution. Doing physical exercise without being connected may calm you down a little bit, however, basically it is as if you try to swim without water.

As we have received so much from the East and still are to receive much more, we would like to look closer at the basis of Indian Knowledge. This basis is the classical scriptures of old, for example the Vedas or Upanishads, as well as the teachings of venerated Indian saints and masters such as Markendeya or Tukaram. Simultaneously, we shall try to integrate important scriptures of other cultures - also of the west.

Looking at most of the modern publications1 on Kundalini, it seems obvious that nothing is known of the roots of religious knowledge. According to the quoted ancient sources, Kundalini is the most subtle, the holiest and mightiest force of the universe, which, only under certain circumstances, is accessible to mortals. These superlatives are meant literally. Even the"Rishis", the saints/sages, who communicated with the Gods themselves were not allowed to awaken the Kundalini in human beings. Bearing this in mind, one should consider carefully advertisements for"Kundalini- Seminars"or similar offers. Kundalini is not a discovery of our times, she has been described thousands of years before Jesus Christ; and the knowledge we have got has come through old Indian scriptures.

Let us try to understand this tremendous power as far as we can with our minds. Numerous names of her are at the same time names of the Goddess Parvati as a virgin ("Uma"," Gauri"). The name Parvati has only been given at her marriage with Shiva. In her aspect as a mother the spouse of Shiva becomes the"Devi", the Mother Goddess of the created universe. As Devi she incarnates in times of great difficulty, when all the negative forces rise up and challenge the righteous and religious. She destroys all the demons ruthlessly and without pity, because, as mother, she protects her children - the seekers of truth. This power has also been attributed to the Kundalini, when she acts in a cleansing way in human beings and removes the"individual demons"within. And there exists a link between the primordial power Adi Shakti2 and Kundalini.

In the few sources3 that refer to Shri Adi Shakti, it is usually said that she is the primordial and highest power. She is the one who created the first manifestation; the bridge between the formless non-manifested God and the whole formed creation. Kundalini also builds a connection with the divine, connecting the individual to a collective, higher awareness.—Shri Adi Shakti is described as so powerful that Shiva, Vishnu and Brahmadeva were extremely impressed, when they were once granted the permission to visit her sphere (Devi Bhagawatam, III book, cp. FN 3). Only after some time did they realize that they were in their mother's house. Apart from the tremendous power that lies in the Kundalini as part of the primordial force, the protective, motherly aspect clearly appears.

Before considering any detailed parts of ancient scriptures - in particular the"Jnaneshwari"- we shall discuss the function of the Kundalini. At this point we must introduce the greatest authority in this matter; Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the Avatara of our times, proven by the awakening of the Kundalini in hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. She can indeed transmit a practical experience of the Kundalini-Power, as well as the corresponding knowledge. Thousands and thousands of people in India, thousands throughout the west, and also in Russia, who have been so fortunate to meet Her, can confirm this. All other Saints, who might have power over Kundalini, lead a withdrawn and hidden life in the Himalayas and its foothills, and they cannot give Kundalini-awakening en masse.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi explains that the Kundalini resides in every living being as the divine desire to become one with God. Since the beginning of the creation this force has been acting and pushing the evolution forward. In our western tradition Kundalini could be understood as the Holy Spirit. In Hebraic scriptures she is called"Ruach".

If a human being is perfectly pure in his inner, subtle system (which practically means that he has become a saint) he receives his total liberation," Moksha", at the moment of the Kundalini awakening. This perfect liberation took place for Buddha after he had renounced all his attachments and temptations. If Kundalini awakening takes place in"non-perfect"human beings, she starts cleansing different energy centers, the"Chakras". The effect of the desire to become one with the cause of all creation manifests in the healing of the chakras and is a first step on our way to the final goal. The significance of the Kundalini being the reflection of the divine primordial desire is, that it corresponds with the classical representation of Adi Shakti, who at the very moment of creation has given shape first to the desire (Iccha- Shakti) and then to the act (Saraswati).

The last, complete liberation is the union of the soul, the Atma (Shri Shiva) with the Kundalini (Shakti) in order to make the Atma aware or conscious in us. That means, the truth, the all-pervading awareness and the pure joy become reality in us. The Sahasrara chakra above the fontanel bone at the top of the skull opens up and replaces the biggest part of our ego and our conditionings. This process has often been described poetically in old scriptures:

"I had been impressed and dragged far away,
with a burden on my head; now I have
escaped from the burden, for you have accepted me.
How many times I cried to you in time past!
Tuka says, Today my service has borne fruit."

Tukaram," The Poems of Tukaram", Chap. XII,593, Delhi, 1983.

"Thou art diverting Thyself, in secrecy with Thy Lord, in the thousand-petalled lotus, having pierced through the Earth situated in the Muladhara, the Water in the Manipura, the Fire abiding in the Swadhisthana, the Air in the Heart (Anahata), the Ether above (the Vishuddhi), and Manas between the eyebrows (Ajna) and thus broken through the entire Kula path (central channel - Sushumna)."

Shankaracharya," Saundarya-Lahari"
(The Ocean of Beauty), 9 thpoem, Adya, 1977.

Where have these modern descriptions of so-called Kundalini- experience come from, which are contradictory and which often report very unpleasant experiences? Most probably these descriptions are partly due to wrong translations of the Jnaneshwari and partly to misunderstandings. Misunderstandings in the sense of mental concepts instead of a practical experience.

For a long time the teachings about Kundalini have been kept as a secret knowledge that has only been bestowed simultaneously with self-realisation, the awakening of the Kundalini. This was the real heritage of the masters, the saints or gurus, who did not perform a hollow, symbolic act, but a living process.

In the Bagavadgita the subject of Kundalini has been very briefly referred to. The Upanishads have only treated parts of it. Markandeya was the first one to break with the taboo (thousands of years ago), and talked openly about it. What these classical scriptures have in common is that they are difficult to understand and that the effects of Kundalini have not been described in detail.

This changed in the 13th century A.D. Around 1275 in the central part of India, Maharashtra, Jnanadeva (also called Jnaneshwar or Dyaneshwar) was born. Although he left this world at a very young age, he is one of Indias greatest saints. As the Bagavadgita had been written in Sanskrit the masses did not have direct access to this most popular religious scripture of the Hindus. Thus Jnanadeva was convinced by his brother to write a commentary on the Bagavadgita in Marathi (the common language of the people in Maharashtra). This work, the"Jnaneshwari", contains many more details than the Bagavadgita. It is said that the "Jnaneshwari"can be read like a comment of God himself, who acts in the Bagavadgita. - Marathi has been and is still spoken in Maharashtra. Apart from the changes of a living language through 700 years, Marathi is ideal for beautiful poetry and religious works, but also can be misunderstood if taken literally, as every single word has various meanings, often a material as well as a subtle or a poetic one. The use of images is an important method of poetic expression. This country of Maharastra and its language have a special significance in the spiritual development of India. Shri Sita and Shri Rama (Ramayana: the incarnation of the God Vishnu and his spouse Laxmi) trod on this soil, Ekanath, Tukaram and many other important rishis and saints have left behind their works in the Marathi language.

In the 6th chapter of the Jnaneshwari the Kundalini and its effects are described. This text again is not easy to understand. The learned and scholars have tried to avoid this very difficult chapter for 700 years, as all written knowledge of the world cannot replace the holy experience. Thus the academics never understood it; and there is one essential point for us: The translations, mainly in English, available in the West, are not correct. They certainly all relate to one original translation, as the mistakes are apparently similar. These errors of translation are probably responsible for the incomprehensible descriptions of Kundalini that we have in the west. For example one of the main mistakes is to suppose that the seat of the Kundalini is in the region of the stomach. This mistake is to be found in the book of Avalon (see FN 1). In the original scriptures nothing of the kind is mentioned. Shankaracharya (8th century AD) says in the Saundarya Lahari (see above) in the 10 th verse: "..Thyself assuming the form of a serpent of three-and-a-half coil, sleepest Thou in the hollow of the Kulakunda4". The description refers to the triangular bone, to which we will come back later. Finally, the Devi Bhagawatam should be quoted, book XII, chapter 5, where the Mother of the Worlds (Shri Adi Shakti) is again described as the"Kundalini in the Mooladhar".

Besides these wrong translations, there is a lack of understanding which we mentioned before: In the Jnaneshwari, at the end of the 10 th sub-chapter of chapter 6, Shri Krishna explains clearly the way of a real yogi and says explicitly, that it is the EXPERIENCE of self-realisation, and there is no doubt about the fact that this experience has to come from God5. As Arjuna is urging for this knowledge, Krishna says: (11th sub-chapter, first sentence): "I explain it to you in more detail now, but only through the experience it will bear fruit". So it is clear that a purely mental understanding of the description of the Kundalini is meaningless if the actual happening of self-realisation is lacking. The mediocre translations of the Jnaneshwari unfortunately confirm these words.

This introduction is followed by the description of the "asana" (sitting position), which is favourable to the awakening of the Kundalini. The awakening itself can only be performed by a person who is authorized. The asana is described several times as"the steady seat", which corresponds to the lowest chakra (Mooladhara chakra). It lies at the root of our body and guards the sleeping Kundalini in the sacrum (Mooladhar). Any weakness of this chakra, which is the throne of innocence and wisdom, causes permanent difficulties, as it is the support of the Kundalini. Certain sitting positions should just enable our attention to detach from physical processes. Later in the 13 th sub- chapter it is mentioned that the palms of the hands should be kept upwards, in order to feel the Kundalini-energy.

There is a considerable difference between the Mooladhara-chakra and the Mooladhar which lies above it (sacrum), the triangular bone at the end of the spine. At the awakening of the Kundalini, her pulsations can often be seen with the naked eye at the sacrum. This perception is the best proof of its real position; all other conclusions do not correspond with the reality. Lying at the basis of the spine, she rises through the middle channel (Sushumna), which corresponds with the canalis centralis in the grey matter of the backbone. The medical term is"Os Sacrum," holy bone", taken over directly from the Greek by the Romans: Its special position was known also in the West, in ancient times. We know that the Egyptians attributed this"Os Sacrum"to the God Osiris. In an article of the"Journal of the American Medical Association" (JAMA"of 1987 it is written: "... the idea that the sacrum is the last bone in the body to disintegrate after death and, therefore, necessary for resurrection could qualify it as sacred. The first Biblical intimation that a single bone might be the bone needed for resurrection is in Psalms 34, 21: He watches over all the bones; one of them shall not be broken..."6 - The idea of resurrection or second birth mentioned here is, in various forms, present in all religions.

To all those, who really can feel the effects of the awakened Kundalini, the 14th sub-chapter of Jnanadevas work proves to be an absolute disaster in translation - knowledge without experience is useless. We have chosen a few important aspects to illustrate this.

The translation of the Marathi word"Tap"as"heat" caused by the awakening of Kundalini is wrong in this context. Here"Tap"means"force". The force, resulting from the exercise of asanas and giving the possibility of the awakening, but not the awakening itself. The activating of the Kundalini is a process beyond human willpower and beyond the force of human action. Thus in the translations, by a misunderstanding of nuances, the mother Kundalini becomes a monster, that devours the intestines voraciously - Whereas in a subtle, beautiful language the power is praised who is eager to give the second birth, to permeate the whole body and to renew it.7

The body and its organs, each cell is being touched and purified by Kundalini. This process has been described in detail right up to the roots of the hair by Jnanadeva. Certainly there is no one, who ever before was able to observe and understand the Kundalini in his body and subtle system as precisely as this great Saint. The effect of the different breathing forces in connection with Kundalini is explained as well as the effects on the elements.

The Janeshwari continues with the procedure after the purification of the subtle centres: The Kundalini stays in the centre-channel (Sushumna) of three subtle channels and pours out"of her mouth water, that becomes nectar". This nectar in its turn brings forth a"vital wind, .... that gives a cooling sensation in and on the body".

The Janeshwari continues with the procedure after the purification of the subtle centres: The Kundalini stays in the centre-channel (Sushumna) of three subtle channels and pours out "of her mouth water, that becomes nectar". This nectar in its turn brings forth a"vital wind, .... that gives a cooling sensation in and on the body".8 The perception of the cool breeze is the best on the palms of the hands and at the top of our head (Sahasrara Chakra). This coolness is also described in the Koran - Sura 36, 65: "One day we will seal their mouths, but their hands will speak...". This Sura, called"the Heart of the Koran"has the title"JS". These are the initials of"Joga Sahadsch"as it would be spelled in Arabic."Sahaj"means"born with"or "spontaneous", Sahaja Yoga is the yoga of the spontaneous unity with God. The hands"speak"in such a way that each finger, root of the hand and palm correspond with a chakra and the various sensations of the part of the hand inform about the condition of the chakras. There are further hints to the perception of Kundalini in the Koran, as in Sura 24, 24 or 41, 21 and following."

This cooling energy does not only exist after the awakening of the Kundalini, it is one with the divine force, who awakens Kundalini in the individual human being and permeates the whole cosmos. In the Gospel of John, 4, Jesus describes the process of awakening to a Samaritan woman next to a well: "If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him, and he would have given you water of life. The woman said to him, Sir, you have nothing to draw with, and the well is deep: Where can you get that water of life? ... Jesus answered, Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again: but whoever drinks the water that I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up into eternal life."As Janeshwar uses the image of the"water"or"wind of life", we can find the Kundalini and its effects described by Jesus Christ in the same way. - The completion of the Kundalini's task is depicted by Jnanadeva in most beautiful Marathi poetry. The skin is only an envelope, in which the radiant being of the 17th phase of the moon is covered. The full moon, the 16th phase, has the meaning of fulfillment, completion. Only Sadashiva, God beyond all perception, is beyond that, in the illuminated Sahasrara.

Through the ancient Scriptures9 a structure of the inner system takes shape, which is still very common in India. At the bottom we find the four-petalled lotus of the Mooladhara Chakra. In it resides the guardian of Kundalini, who represents wisdom and innocence. The Kundalini is situated above this center in the sacrum bone and therefore, at her awakening, cannot pass through the chakra placed underneath. If one tries to raise the Kundalini without authorization, then the guardian of the Kundalini sends waves of heat through the body in his temper. Sometimes these waves of heat are misunderstood as the awakening of the Kundalini, but it is just the opposite10. Jnanadeva says very clearly, that coolness is the sign of the rising Kundalini. Each unauthorized practice to get in touch with Kundalini leads to a damage that makes an awakening more difficult. Only if the process is triggered by an authorized person, does it lead to its fulfillment. The Kundalini, an intelligent and motherly energy, can never do any harm. Even when she heals physical diseases, it is always in a gentle manner.

In relation to the above mentioned Mooladhara Chakra we must stress that there is no connection at all between sexual activities and the Kundalini or her awakening. Unnatural and exaggerated attention on sexuality weakens and damages this lower chakra. Then the Kundalini has a weak basis and cannot rise for long. In the same way other unnatural behaviour may disturb other Chakras or energy-centers, the same is true for bad intentions or desires even. Thus greed or hatred for example block the ascend of the Kundalini at different levels.

As described in the poetry of Shankaracharya and as known in India in general, the ascending Kundalini passes through the Nabhi-, Swadisthana-, Anahata-, Visshuddhi-, and Agnya-Chakra. As soon as the Agnya Chakra at the forehead gets pierced through, "Nirvichara Samadhi", thoughtlessness, is achieved. Only at that very moment one can talk about an experience which allows a deeper understanding of the"Jnaneshwari"for instance. Nirvichara Samadhi is spontaneous, like every movement of the Kundalini. Samadhi cannot be achieved through human willpower, that is why the concept, that through efforts of concentration real spiritual progress could be achieved, is wrong.

After the Sushumna, which is the central channel, the subtle channels on the left and the right are enlightened. The left (Ida- Nadi) represents the emotions, conditionings and the past, the right (Pingala-Nadi) activity, planning and the future.

The whole process physically relates with the parasympathetic system and therefore cannot be controlled consciously. The real awakening of Kundalini does not cause any spectacular process or sensation out of control."Only"a kind of profound peace and joy can be felt, and coolness on top of the head and on the palms of the hands. If the subtle centres, the chakras, are damaged, the perception of Kundalini is reduced in accordance.

Only the one who is able to awaken the Kundalini, so that the effects, as described by Jnanadeva and other masters, can be felt, so that the water of life is flowing, can be called a real Guru in the best tradition of the Great Indian Teachers.

Dr. Udo Szekulics
Mala Rao-Szekulics

1 E.g. Gopi Krishna, Kundalini, Lustig-Verlag, 1983; Arthur Avalon, Die Schlangenkraft (The Serpent-Power), Bern 1982; Shivananda, Kundalini Yoga, Munich-Planegg, 1953; just to mention the first ones, hundreds followed, without any basis in the ancient scriptures, and without genuine experience.
2 The above-mentioned"Mahamaya"," The Great Illusion", is just one aspect of the Adi Shakti
3 E.g. Devi Bhagawatam, as"The Srimad Devi Bhagawatam", Munshiram Manoharlal, Delhi, 1977, cp. Especially book III, ch.3, 4 and 5.
4 The three-and-half coils of Kundalini relate to the three"moods" (basic principles) of the creation and - the half coil - to the primordial power, neither manifest nor non-manifest. These moods are Mahakali, Mahasaraswati and Mahalaxmi: Desire, also destruction of evil; action, creation; and finally the power of the central channel, of evolution. As said before, Kundalini is a motherly energy and it is not incidentially, that the deepest mights of the universe are female in all the world's cultures ("The Mothers"in Goethe's"Faust"). We meet those basic principles in antique Rome as"Parcae" (The Fates), in classical Greece as"Moires": Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.
At the foot of the Germanic world-ashtree Yggdrasil the"Nornes"Urd, Werdandi and Skuld are resting - spinning, measuring and cutting the"thread of life".
5 Cp. Vedas, Samaveda, book III, ch. 2, decade V, 10," ...God, the Bestower of Dharma, Arth, Kama and Moksha."Moksha means complete liberation, enlightenment.
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7 See the Gospel of John, 3.3 f. Jesus talks to Nikodemus about this second birth and Nikodemus asks, if he would have to return into his mother's womb. Jesus tells him that he must be born again of the spirit," of water and of the Spirit". - The importance of being"born again"is also stressed by the genuine saints of todays India, e.g. Ramana Maharshi.
8 Also in the western literature references to this unique perception can be found: "Mild creative breeze, A vital breeze which travelled gently on O'er things which it had made"Wordsworth, Prelude I, 43-45"Still the Breath Divine does move, And the Breath Divine is love."W. Blake, The Everlasting Gospel, 41-42
9 Essentially the quoted: Bagavadgita, Upanishads, Devi Bhagawatam, Scriptures of: Shankaracharya, Markandeya, Tukaram and of course Jnanadeva.
10 Inner tensions, unusual forms of perception and specially waves of heat through the body are mentioned by Gopi Krishna (cp. FN1) falsely as effects of Kundalini; however these sensations are warnings, not to misuse this holy power.


Those who wish to awaken their Kundalini are advised to follow instructions #17-19 of this Self-realization link. The Mother Kundalini will rise from the base Mooldhara Chakra and, after awakening all the chakras on Her path, reach the Sahasrara Chakra. There will be two self-verifiable signs of this kundalini awakening and opening of the chakras:

i) feeling of Cool Breeze exiting from the top of the head and/or;
ii) feeling of Cool Breeze exiting from the finger tips/palm of the hands.

You are assured of your own Divine Kundalini/Mother/Spirit within giving Self-realization and opening your chakras provided you follow those instructions. That assurance in the form of Cool Breeze, which is self-verifiable, manifests due to a far higher spiritual evolution. Rest assured that this experience is absolutely without any side-effects whatsoever.

On the contrary, your own Divine Kundalini/Mother/Spirit within will lead you to a state of mind, bliss, peace, knowledge and spiritual journey that has no parallel:

The Divine Mother (Holy Spirit)
The Divine Mother in this Age
of the Resurrection and Last
Judgment in the form of the
promised Paraclete.
My essence is complete innocence in thought, word, and action. I came many times in the form of prophets and sages, giving you laws and principles whose observance gave inner balance and harmony.

Today when Kundalini (second spiritual 'birth' by Spirit) awakens My presence in you, religion is no more a belief — it becomes a living state within. With your enlightenment, awareness, you are no more a slave of your senses. Like a prophet, you master them and master all the elements. As you become the childlike disciple of your Mother, I make you your own master and in this lifetime, will lead you to the eternal life and freedom of the Spirit.

Predictions about the Spiritual Mother

Knowledge of Reality Magazine
In a book published in 1887 titled"The Mystery of the Ages"by Marie, Countess of Caithness (Page 316-317) the following prediction appears:-"It was generally considered, at the turn of the next century, that the next Divine incarnation was about to come to earth and would be female, the advent of Divine Wisdom, or Theo-Sophia, and that the present age would be the age of making known all that which has been kept secret from the beginning."

This is an extract from the Nadigranth compiled by Mr Shantaram Athvale. The Nadigranth was originally written in Sanskrit 2000 years back by the ancient astrologer Bhrigumuni and later updated and translated into Marathi and titled the Kak Nadi by Kakayyar Bhujander who was a great astrologer and seeker who lived nearly 300 years ago in India. In this particular extract Shantaram Athvale refers to the writings from Kak Nadi written by Kakayyar Bhujander:

"While Jupiter is in Pisces a great Yogi will incarnate on the Earth. By 1970 it will have become quite evident to many people that a new era will have started. Human life will undergo a complete revolution. This Yogi will be the Incarnation of Parabrahma and will have all the divine powers.

By the new method of yoga devised by the great Yogi, human beings will be able to attain the joy of Moksha within one lifetime. While living ordinary lives people will achieve Yoga—Union with God. In the end all the nations of the world will come together with the feeling of oneness. There will be a great international conference in a big city of the world. The whole of the humanity will understand the importance of prayer and all the nations will unite together.

Due to new scientific discoveries science and religions would become one. With the help of science the existence of God and the Soul could be proved. The veil of ignorance and Maya would be drawn aside and Brahmananda, Moksha which could previously only be attained by yogis as a result of very hard work and severe penance would become easily available to many human beings."

William Blake (28 Nov 1757-12 Aug 1827) gives us this prophetic poem titled"To Morning."Seemingly it is an invocation to what he perceived as the feminine aspect of the Divine, whom would facilitate the dawning of a new age and the unlocking of Heaven on Earth.

"O Holy Virgin, Clad in purest white Unlock heaven's golden gates and issue forth Awake the dawn that sleeps, that sleeps in heaven Let light rise from the chambers of the East"

C.S Lewis (1898-1963) in his book the Great Divorce describes some kind of approaching procession of great joyousness."If I could remember their singing and write down the notes, no man who read that score would ever grow sick or old. Between them went musicians: and after this a lady in whose honour this was being done"and"Every young man or boy that met her became her son"further"Every girl that met her became her daughter"and"There are those that steal other peoples children. But her motherhood was of a different kind. Those on whom it fell went back to their natural parents loving them more. In her they became themselves. And now the abundance of life she has in Christ from the Father flows over into them."and also..."Redeemed humanity is still young, it has hardly come to its full strength. But already there is joy enough in the little finger of a great saint such as yonder lady to waken all the dead things in the universe to life."

The R.S.V. Christian Bible, Revelation, chapter 12, verse 1, tells us prophetically of a marvellous event to come, of a sign, of a woman."And a great portent appeared in heaven a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars."

In the Prophecies of John of Jerusalem an 11th century knight we read the following regarding 'the Mother' and the coming Millennium time."She will be a great Master of the future times....." "She will be the Mother of the Millennium that comes after the Millennium." "After the days of the devil She will make the softness of a Mother flow. g) In the Christian Gnostic Gospel of Thomas this mysterious divine feminine power is alluded to in verse 101 as:-"My mother gave me birth My true Mother gave me Life".

The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 1 (Page 7), speaks of this feminine aspect of the divine as being an inner life force, as something to be realised."Your Mother is in you, and you in her, She gives you life."

In ancient writings of the Bible and also Gnostic records...the energy now known to many today as Kundalini energy is called by various names such as: Sophia, Life, Mother of the living or Wisdom. This force called Wisdom is likened to a feminine energy, and even a feminine personality ........ named as She and Her. In these writings the words; She...Her ...Wisdom & Holy Spirit are used interchangeably to refer to this feminine aspect of the Divine. Also later known in Christian texts as the Holy Ghost, Comforter, Counsellor and Redeemer...

And what of Sophia, of Wisdom, of the Holy Spirit, Comforter, Counsellor, Redeemer? Well people say She is here, residing within each and everyone of us as a sleeping potential, an inner life force, known widely as the Kundalini energy. This unique energy resides in the sacrum (sacred) bone. It is said that She can be awakened if one truly desires it so. It sounds like a dream but that's what this music seeks to proclaim and celebrate. Further it is said that the one who resurrects this inner Divine Life Force, en-masse, is the Divine Mother, Goddess, Holy Spirit, who is verily a Comforter, Counsellor, Redeemer.

This inner living resurrection can be enjoyed every day, and each second by those who experience it. What's more, it is celebrated globally on the anniversary of the opening of the Sahasrara. The Sahasrara is the universal energy centre located at the crown of the head, at the fontanelle, the seventh chakra or highest centre of consciousness, known otherwise as the thousand petalled lotus. It is through this last centre that one is able to connect with the all pervading universal divine"that is". On the day it was opened on a cosmic level it is said that the whole atmosphere was filled with tremendous chaitanya (divine life force energy-vibrations) and there was tremendous light in the sky, and the whole thing came on the Earth. Since that day, thousands upon thousands of seekers from every nation have crossed paths with the one who 'delivers the goods'. For as the Ancient Wisdom of Solomon promises: Verse 6. 12 —"Wisdom is radiant and unfading and she is easily discerned by those who love her, and is found by those who seek her." "She hastens to make herself known to those who desire her."and"...she goes about seeking those worthy of her, and she graciously appears to them in their paths, and meets them in every thought. Hence the song lyrics: "She was also in your City. Haven't you heard?"

Every year since 1970, the moment when the last centre in our evolutionary assent was opened, great celebrations have been taking place with people gathering from every nation & religious tradition somewhere on the world stage. And the day of commemoration—May 5th. Hence, it was a big surprise to find some predictions regarding this particular day, May 5th, for the year 2000, the so called Millennium year.

The Fernbank Science Centre Planetarium of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA have carried out various assessments and concluded that there will be a line-up of planets (heavenly bodies) in the next Millennium. Such line-ups may have only the subtlest of effects upon our lives, so no armageddon type scenarios, please. In short various planets; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and the Sun and the new Moon will come into alignment with Earth, in a most unique conjunction or union. Momentarily being connected along invisible gravitational lines of energy. Like a cosmic string of pearls. Perhaps this will be a particularly auspicious day. And when? On the precise date of May 5th, 2000. This is mentioned only to spark curiosity, to lead the attention onward, to activate the seeking and questing faculty, to stimulate the desire to know, feel and experience the eternal. Everyone can do it..... if they wish!

All this excitement about the so called Millennium may lead us in the wrong directions. The Millennium isn't a one moment event, if anything it more clearly represents a dawning. As a seed sprouts and promises new growth, so we might look upon the idea of the Millennium. After all, this time business is in essence just a man made concept, and perhaps not too much should be made of it. In any event it is commonly debated that the Julian (Christian calendar) is only accurate to about plus or minus seven years. (So the Millennium could really be anywhere between 1993-2007).

Hence, some say, it is best to stay in the present and tap into that inner state beyond time, the fifth dimension, accessible by achieving a state of 'thoughtless awareness' at the Sahasrara chakra.....otherwise known as the Turiya State or Eternity.

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), who was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1913 makes the following plea:-"Oh! Mother, let my mind awake slowly on the Sacred Shore of the sea, where great souls of the world have come together to offer their pranams. Here with outstretched hands we bow-down to the Divine in human form. In bounteous poetry and in great joy we adore thee. Behold here oh seeker! The mountain of meditation with rivers resounding and dancing to the solemn music of heaven. Adore here your Sacred Mother Earth where great souls have come together on the seashore to offer their pranams. Come oh! Aryans, come non Aryans, come Hindus and Muslims. Come come oh Englishmen, come Christians, come oh Brahmins purify your heart, hold the hands of the down-trodden and out-castes. Remove all ills and disrespect. Come quickly for the coronation (anointing) of the Mother," Blossom Time is indeed here! This is the season!

— Geoffrey Godfrey

Knowledge of Reality Magazine 1996-2006

Horoscope of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi—by Lalit Bhandari
(given during Tour of Australia—22 October 1991 )

Shri Ganeshaya Namah, I seek the blessings of Lord Shri Ganesha...

While making the comparative study and analysis of horoscopes of different Divine personalities a very pleasant and astounding observation has been made. This study has been described in great detail with specific analysis of the horoscope of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The Divine personalities studied are Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Guru Nanak Dev, Shri Chaitanya Maha-Prabhu, Adi Shankarancharya and Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The data on the horoscopes for all others is taken from notable horoscopes by Shri B.V. Raman, the world famous astrologer.

It is observed from the various planetary combinations that the following combinations are very rare and are indicative of the Divinity of the person. These are:

1. Gajkesari Yoga or 5th, 9th position of the Moon and Jupiter. This indicates past Punyas, Punya Sanchaya or highly religious past lives.

2. Saturn aspects the Lagna, it shows the concern for the Masses and the ability for Tapasya—Penance.

3. Ketu the Mokshakarak planet should be in the 9th Dharmasthana showing the Dharma that is established within and not outwardly... and the truthfulness. This planet gives the capacity to go all alone.

4. Lagna being aspected by Jupiter and Lagnesh aspected by Jupiter is an added strength giving one the capacity to become world Guru (Jagatguru).

5. Venus or Mercury is the ruling planet in all the cases. If both are there it is excellent because both the planets are Dnyan Karak.

It may be noted that these combinations are present in the horoscopes of all the abovementioned personalities in different quantums (Ansha). In case of Shri Mataji all these combinations are present in full strength. No.4 combination and No.5 combination is particularly observed to be very strong in case of Shri Mataji as compared to others. Shri Mataji is born in Gemini Lagna (whose Lord is Mercury) with Moon in Bharani Nakshatra (whose Lord is Venus), which means She is under the ruling aspect of Mercury and Venus.

Shri Mataji is born, 21st. March 1923 - 13 years and 11 months balance of Venus Dasha, meaning pleasant and happy childhood
21- 02—1937

Thereafter Sun's period for 6 years indicates tapa-period; spiritual and political activity of intense nature.
21 - 02 - 1947

Thereafter Moon Period for 10 years indicating clear headedness and deep contemplation of mass enlightenment.
21 - 02 - 1953

Then Mars period of 7 years indicating traveling and lot of changes.
21 - 02 - 1960

Then Rahu's period of 18 years Rahu is a Divine planet giver of intricate knowledge of Brahma. Inner soul searching, search for en masse awakening.
21—02 - 1978

Then Jupiter's period of 16 years spreading of Sahaja Yoga—the Guru Principle throughout the world.
21 - 02 - 1994

Thereafter Saturn will govern for 19 years when it will spread Sahaja Yoga in the Whole world. Saturn means the masses, the Virata and Shri Mataji will witness Kalki (Mercury) Power manifesting over the whole World.
21—02 - 2013

According to the birth horoscope and Sahaja Horoscope of 5-5-1970 Jupiter passed through Libra. Jupiter will again pass through Libra in 1993 and Sahaja Yoga will blossom in the entire world...

I bow to the Almighty God Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who is the Nishklank Avtar which our Puranas are speaking from centuries.

Lalit Bhandari


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