But even the less tolerant religious masses will respond to Truth!

> This 1% subtle system knowledge that they keep announcing with
> gutso and vigorously researching has failed miserably to get any
> spiritual seekers - not even the very tolerant Sufis, to name just
> one group - to practice Sahaja Yoga. If such humble and self-
> realized souls do not want to touch Sahaja Yoga how is it possible
> for the less tolerant religious masses?

Dear SYs,

Unlike the general subtle system, even the most controversial of truths regarding Shri Mataji will be accepted by the religious masses. i assure all SYs that even fundamentalist religious seekers will accept Shri Mataji (or remain silent) as this timely email reminds us:

"thank you for giving me a very good explaination regarding god, but i am still having some doubts and i hope you can help me, as you said that aykaa mayee is the shakti of waheguru, so when we do our naam simran which mantra should we use, should we use the gurmantra which is WAHEGURU, or aykaa mayee shabad or the mool mantra, is it important to remember Waheguru or Waheguru's shakti?

currently i am doing naam simran, 5 banis and sukhmani sahib daily or whenever i have the time, is this ok? can i achieve mukti by reciting sukhmani, japji, jap sahib or other shabads or sikh mantras?

Last but not least, as our Gurus have said, god is nirgun and nirankar which means he is Formless, is this true? Please tell me should we remember Waheguru or Waheguru's shakti (The Aykaa Mayee) and how should we remember Waheguru the best way.”

This email just came in and i am giving it as evidence of the power of the Truth and Knowledge Shri Mataji has given to all of us. We will never win over the religious masses until and unless they find a profound, indisputable and entrenched fact(s) in their scriptures that uphold and synthesize their tradition. (Shri Mataji has already told SYs to implement this approach but i have yet to see it.)

For the first time in their 500-year-old history Sikhs are waking up to the knowledge of the Aykaa Mayee (One Mother) which has been deliberately translated as Aykaa Mayaa (One Illusion) to remove any trace of the 'Hindu' Primordial Mother from the Guru Granth Sahib.

Just like the Qur'n and Bible, Shri Mataji has not only corrected misinterpretations but also revealed the deep secrets and parables in other holy scriptures that have confounded their best theologians for centuries.

So Shri Mataji has completed Her job and there is no way any religious organization is going to challenge Her. It is we SYs who have failed to use 99% of what She has taught. It is really sad to see so few willing to pick up Her formidable weapons and fight in the battle for the emancipation of humanity.

But fight you will eventually no matter your present reluctance. It is just that you never knew such weapons existed in the first place, and were not confident of charging into battle with subtle system slingshots. Neither was myself and i cannot admit such reluctance to any lack of courage. It is just that i found out much earlier that Sahaja Yoga is far more than what local collectives are teaching. It is this remaining 99% knowledge that is going to convince the religious masses that Shri Mataji is the Adi Shakti, not the tried and sorely tested 1% information about subtle system.


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