Saibangh - He is Self-existent and Self-illuminating

8. Saibangh - He is Self-existent and Self-illuminating

That which is the cause of the entire universe has nothing other than Itself as Its cause. So no one created God. He was ever existent and will ever remain.

If we say that someone created God, then the next question would be," who created that which created God?”And we could go on and on ad nauseam. So logically we would have to conclude that there is one ultimate self-existent cause of the universe, and that cause we call the supreme Reality or God.

This is self-existent Reality; by what can it be known? How can we recognize it?

All the objects in the world are illuminated by the sun or some source of light and are thus perceived by our senses and apprehended by out intellect. But by which light can we perceive the ultimate Reality, and with what instrument can we know or understand It?

The sun cannot illuminate It, nor the senses perceive It nor the intellect know It... for it is the very subject by whose light all objects - including the sun - are illuminated, and because of which the senses, mind and intellect can function. Therefore, Shri Guru Nanakji says, It is Saibangh, which means It is 'shining in Its own light'....It is 'self-illuminating'.

It is of the nature of Consciousness without which even the sun cannot be seen. This Consciousness which lights up the entire universe including the body, senses, mind and intellect, because of which the entire universe is known and in Whose light of awareness, the sun, the moon, the stars, the lightning and the fire shine, what other source is required to illuminate It? It is ever shining in Its own light.

How can such a Reality be gained? It can be gained only through Gurparsaad (the Grace of the Guru).

Saibangh - He is Self-existent and Self-illuminating

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