Shri Mataji: "And now the time has come for it to be blasted. It has been going on and on now for thousands of years, captures so many innocent people and people are into it.”

"The Mysteries of the Kingdom:

"The 'Gospel of Judas' does not stop with condemning erroneous views about God and sacrifice, or practices of eucharist and baptism. On the contrary, such criticism of mistaken church leaders marks only its beginning. From this point, this gospel goes on to show"divine mysteries"revealed only to Judas—about God, about Jesus and the divine source whence he comes, and about how he—and the disciple who follows him—may enter that spiritual reality.”

Reading Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
“Today we are celebrating the resurrection of Christ. With it we also have to celebrate the resurrection of human beings, of Sahaja Yogis, who have been resurrected as realised souls. With that we have to understand that we enter into a new awareness. He had to come down and again to show to this world that you are the eternal life, that you lead a life that is spiritual, which never perishes. You have to rise, into that new realm, which is the Realm of God Almighty, what you call the Kingdom of God.

And He said it very clearly to Nicodemus that 'You have to be born again' when he asked, 'Am I to enter back into my mother's womb?' And He said it so clearly. Those who don't want to see can remain blind. No, that is, whatever is born of the flesh, is the flesh, but whatever is born of the Spirit is the Spirit.'

But whatever is manmade is not the Spirit. This is the clear statement of Christ, which people wanted to avoid, and start their own organisations, and ideas, and created a very mythical thing in His name. And now the time has come for it to be blasted. It has been going on and on now for thousands of years, captures so many innocent people and people are into it.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
V4 No 23 Sept 84 p4

"So these gross things are never going to give you Joy so why not ask for something which will give you that subtle Joy, which you can enjoy — only you can enjoy. So this is what happens to our attention, we get lost because of our previous ideas and our emotional bindings and we can also say that our spiritual bindings — so called. We are Hindus, Muslims, Christians. We are vegetarians, non-vegetarians. We are Brahmins, non-Brahmins and all kinds of things we are, but we are not what we are. And all these things also come back to you that we are Jains so we are very great people. You get Me any Jain from anywhere or anyone from anywhere — does he have the sense of vibrations? Then how is it that person becomes your Guru or that person can teach you about these things? You are now a master.”

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Bordi, India — January 27, 1977

"In India also we had lots of these ritualism that came up very serious, like we had people, Jains who'd pick up their hair with their hands. They are not suppose to use any knives or scissors or any barber. So they were suppose to pick up their hair on their own. So from their beard, from their this thing they would pick up all the time. That went to such a horrible conditioning that they would say that if you, even if you breathe you might consume some animals, so they would put some sort of a cloth before their mouth and all kinds of nonsense they did... . like in the morning women will get up. In their sleep they will put some water for dulsi, do this thing, that thing, throw water here and there and also the untouchable and touchables and"you can't take water from this"," you can't eat this"," you can't move like that"— all kinds of restrictions, timing, everything.”This time is not good.” "That time is not good.” "This you should not do, that you should not do", to such an extent that the whole movement of our country was round this ritualism.

I had nephews who use to come to Bombay for their work. Every time they went to Lucknow they would come with shaven heads. I said," What's the matter?”He said," There are many people in our family who are old and when they die, we have to shave.”So every time they went there somebody died, so they came with shaven heads. Like that, such horrible rituals existed and even now in the south India, there's lots of rituals are there; terrible rituals and they cannot get out of it. They are frightened if they get out of it, then they might be sinners or they will go to hell. So the Indian conditioning was as far as these rigidities were concerned for religion to be on the right side, to be in such a way that we should not be caught up without doing this. So early in the morning they will get up and do the rituals, just without even thinking about what they are doing.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Collective Conditionings, Cabella, Italy — August 16, 1992

"I met a Russian who asked Me why the U.N. was helping the Muslims in Bosnia... . I was shocked at his perception of Muslims. I have such respect for so many of them. I wish they could accept that this is not Jihad time anymore but Qiyamah Time, the Resurrection Time, the Blossom Time. Are they going to miss it?

Both things are wrong; one has to understand that all these religions were born on the same tree of spirituality and that people have plucked the flowers and are fighting with these dead flowers. Of course there are some absurd things which grew with misinterpretation and interference from unholy people, which are common in these religions. For example, Jews, Christian and Muslims believe that when they die their bodies will come out of their graves and they will all be resurrected at the Time of Resurrection, at the Time of Last Judgment, at the Time of Qiyamah. It is illogical to think what will remain inside those graves after five hundred years. Nobody wants to think and understand that it is not the body but the soul that will come out of these bodies, be born again as human beings, and be saved through Qiyamah and Resurrection. Who will tell them? No one can talk to them. As soon as one wants to talk one can be killed. This is the only way they know - how to kill.

The greatest problem with the fundamentalists is that they have no compassion because they do not love Mohammed Sahib, who He was and why He came on this Earth. They do not know the Reality. They just think that they are right type of people and that they can kill as many human beings as they want, and they can create as many problems as they like, and they can destroy the rest of the people who do not follow their fundamentalism. We find the fundamentalists do not know the fundamentals of religion and the people who think that they are very modern also don't know where this modern mind is going to take them. What a shock is awaited for this modern man who has lost faith in God. Both ways they try to do things which are in no way helpful for global peace or for the ascent of human beings by which they will have their own Peace within their heart.

Actually Hazrat Mohammed never made Islam an exclusive religion in the Koran. He very respectfully talked about Moses, Abraham, Christ and His Mother, one after another. Even so Muslims believe they are exclusive. Jews and Muslims also believer theirs are exclusive religions. There is another problem - they believe that Mohammed was the exclusive messenger of God and Christians believe that Christ is the last word, while Jews believe their Saviour has yet to come. If these Incarnations were the last ones why did Mohammed say I will send you the twelfth Mahdi? Also why did Christ say that He wound send the Holy Ghost? We cannot say how long the Jews are going to wait for their Saviour to come. They are wailing and crying before the Wailing Wall wearing the Torah in small amulets, but actually the most important thing for them is to collect the money that they have lent and buy diamonds at any cost.

Muslims who are not educated enough to understand Koran in original believe that they are the soldiers of Jihad which is led by some very clever ego-oriented educated people... . In this Jihad how many Muslims are going to die? On one side they produce more children to create a Muslim majority and on the other side they are getting killed by the thousands. The Jihad has become imminent and the Muslims are a real threat to peace and progress of every country they live in.

The only way to get over this brutal image is to become a wali or a real Sufi. This is what Muslims need the achievement of peaceful existence through Self-Realization. The same is the case with Jews and Christians. They believe in the same Bible, Muslims believe in the Old Testament as well as the Jews, but they nevertheless kill each other. It is painful and extremely heart wrenching that when in the whole world people have been able to enter the Kingdom of God as promised, all these fundamentalists of different religions are killing each other. May God bless them with sanity and wisdom. They should get their second birth. 'Know thyself' is the beginning of ascent.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

"The Buddha never consented to give his teachings the structure of a system. Not only did he refuse to discuss philosophical problems, he did not even issue pronouncements on several essential points of his doctrine — for example, on the state of the holy man in nirvana. This silence early made possible differing opinions and finally gave rise to various schools and sects. The oral transmission of the Buddha's teachings and the composition of the canon raise numerous problems, and it would be useless to suppose that they will one day be satisfactorily solved...

His refusal to let himself be drawn into speculations of any kind is categorical. It is admirably illustrated in the famous dialogue with Malunkyaputta. This monk complained that the Blessed One gave no answers to such questions as: Is the universe eternal or non-eternal? Finite or infinite? Is the soul the same thing as the body, or is it different? Does the Tathagata exist after death, or does he not exist after death? And so forth... And the Buddha reminded Malunkyaputta that he had taught only one thing, namely: the four Noble Truths (Majjhima Nikaya 1.426)... the negation of a Self, subject to transmigration but able free itself and attain nirvana, raised problems. This is why the Buddha on several occasions refused to answer questions concerning the existence or nonexistence of the atman... Vasubandhu (fifth century A.D.) concluded: "To believe in the existence of the 'Self' is to fall into the heresy of permanence; to deny the 'Self' is to fall into the heresy of annihilation at death.”...

Such hesitations and ambiguities reflect the embarrassment occasioned by the Buddha's refusal to settle certain much debated questions. If the Master denied the existence of an irreducible and indestructible Self, it was because he knew that the belief in atman leads to interminable metaphysical controversies and encourages intellectual pride; in the last analysis, it prevents obtaining Enlightenment. As he never ceased to repeat, he preached the cessation of suffering and the means of accomplishing it. The countless controversies concerning the Self and the nature of nirvana found their solutions in the experience of Enlightenment: they were insoluble by thought or on the plane of verbalization...

The Jatakas narrate the Buddha's former existences and those of his family and his companions, and the identity of their personalities is always recognized. And how are we to understand the words uttered by Siddhartha at the very moment he was born —"This is my last birth"— if we deny the continuity of the"true person" (even if we hesitate to call it the Self or pudgala)?”

Mircea Eliade, A History of Religious Ideas 2,
The University of Chicago Press, 1985, p. 91-8.

"But upon dying, he enters the parinirvana state of 'nirvana without remainder'. Buddhism refuses to elaborate on this state. It dismisses as unanswerable questions such as 'Where did Buddha go?' or ' What exactly was it that entered nirvana?' But it would be a distortion of Buddhism to say the Buddha became extinct or ceased to exist. The reality of nirvana and the possibility of its achievement by all living beings are fundamental to Buddhism, although descriptions of nirvana escape human understanding.”

R. C. Amore and J. Chang, World Religions: The Buddhist Tradition,
Oxford University Press, 1996, p. p. 230.

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji
“All kinds of Buddhism is there. It is impossible to understand really where is Buddhism there. So what do these do? One will shave their hair, one will shave their mustache, another one will wear this kind of dress. This is the only difference between from one another. But the common point is that they are all cheats, they can all deceive you, they can tell you lies without feeling funny...

So now we are face to face with Buddha. But what He talked about was a spontaneous happening of Self-Realization. But as you see all the Buddhists today, if you see them, you'll be amazed that they are neither here nor there.”

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Shri Buddha Puja, San Diego, USA — July 23, 1988

"We should logically reach the position to understand what do we expect from a Realized soul. If he talks like a politician who wants to have votes how could we believe such a person could be an Incarnation? An Incarnation has not only to be a fearless person but has to be a holy person. Not like a parasite who is living on other people — with these lamas. They live like parasites in Tibet and also in Nepal ... If they call themselves as godly people look at their faces ... They take money from you and finish your Kundalini. Their days are gone now.

Because they talk well people believe. What have they given you? Somebody says they have given us the Knowledge? All right, what Knowledge? What Knowledge have they given you? Knowledge is all mental. What they have got in their awareness where you have to evolve?”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The New Age Has Started, Houston, USA — October 6, 1981

"As you know, many different meditative traditions have come into being throughout the world during the last five thousand years, developing specific theologies and rituals through countless generations of deep spiritual exploration. In spite of their seeming differences, all these meditative traditions have one goal in common — that of bringing human beings into more direct experiential contact with the spiritual realities of the universe.

By definition, there can be only one Infinite Presence, one Universal Creative Source, one all-encompassing Consciousness for us to tap into. So even though the various human civilizations have developed quite diverse ways for approaching spiritual reality, the Infinite Presence we seek communion with is always the same.

The reason kundalini meditation is such a remarkable process for spiritual awakening is that it is not based on complex theological arguments, or culturally defined religious concepts. Kundalini meditation is focused instead upon the immediate, ultimate experience of the divine within all of us, not upon belief systems regarding that divinity. Therefore, regardless of our particular religious upbringing and theological beliefs, all of us can employ kundalini meditation to aid our spiritual evolution. Once we learn to look beyond concepts, we are free to encounter — through direct spiritual illumination — the radiant core of Love and Life that lies at the center of our own personal consciousness...

The reason kundalini meditation possess such universal appeal at this point in history is that it offers a clear, experience-based approach for awakening our mundane minds to the presence of our true spiritual nature. Through kundalini meditation we can master the quieting of our habitual flow of thoughts, which normally block deep spiritual reflection. Then in this calm state of consciousness, we can observe and participate in the infinite life-force as it flows through our bodies. And with regular meditation, we come to experience a most remarkable phenomenon directly at the center of our own being — the bright flash of illumination that brings us into immediate contact with the divine force of creation that animates all life...

Kundalini is a power, a presence, an illumination that lies beyond human religious thought. We need no religious symbology dragging us down in our exploration of our deeper spiritual nature. All we need are core meditative techniques that enable us to quiet our thinking mind so we become still, and know through immediate personal contact our oneness with God — with whatever name we might give to the infinite and yet intimate spiritual presence that lives deep within us.”

John Selby, Kundalini Awakening,
Bantam Books, 1992, p. 7-8.

“As I told you yesterday they gave a very, very wrong conception to the Western people... So it was a second-hand knowledge from people who had no authority towards Kundalini ... Adi Sankaraya, the Primordial Sankaracharaya who came and established that it is the Mother who can awaken the Kundalini, and that the Kundalini is your own Mother. She is the Holy Ghost within you — the Adi Shakti — and She Herself achieves your transformation. By any talk, by any rationality, by anything, it cannot be done. It has to be done spontaneously by the person who has the authority to awaken it. Now the authority doesn't come to you from going to a school, college or anything. It comes to you from God Himself ... the person who has the qualification to do it can only awaken the Kundalini. Every Tom, Dick or Harry cannot do it.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

"So the Devi's things are so very deep and subtle — how She took the form of a Mother and how She looked after Her bhaktas with Love; how She fought demons and also negativity. But now the demons have entered into your hearts. These false gurus have entered into your brains. Through these horrible books so many things are coming, all the time attacking you. Even if you kill those demons still they will be lingering in your heads. They should be actually killed when they, when once they are reflected into your mind have gone out. Then only its possible to eliminate them — otherwise they (the false gurus) will go away but leave their bhoots (negativity) into your heads. So this negativity which comes from the wrong type of following you have had, from wrong books you have been reading ... will continue with the same ideas and funny things.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Cabella, Italy — October 9, 1994

"Yoga means union with God. It means union with your Spirit. It's no other nonsense that people talk. Sahaja means: Saha means with, Ja means born. It's within you, it's spontaneous, like every seed has a primule in it, you too have that Power within you, just placed there in the sacrum, the triangular bone. So many people who are real scholars, who are seekers, have reached the conclusion that it is the awakening of the Kundalini only that gives you your second birth, your baptism, but they do not know how it will work out because it is a living force. You cannot pull our the primule out of the seed, you cannot not force a flower to become a fruit, you cannot pay money for it, you cannot rationalize it or mock at it or laugh at it or if you doubt it whatever it is. It will work out when it has to work out. In the same way today we are at the junction of a great happening, en- masse Realization has to take place, evolution has to take place, otherwise this creation will have no meaning, you will have no meaning either.

So don't worry for cheap sensations and sensational stuff that is around. You have to ask for the real and that real you will only ask for if you have self-esteem, that you understand that you have to get the real and not something that you can purchase on the market.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
University of NSW, Australia — March 23, 1981

"The subject of Kundalini is no longer a matter of book knowledge. Now you can see with the naked eye the breathing of the Kundalini at the Mooladhara. You can feel the different Chakras in the spinal cord with your fingers. Formerly, bridging the gap in the Sushumna was the insurmountable problem. But it is being discovered that this gap can be filled with the vibrating Power of Divine Love. The Kundalini rises like a majestic Mother and breaks the apex of the brain (Brahmarandhra) without giving the slightest trouble to the child (sadhaka). It happens in a split second, in the short spell between two successive thoughts. Of course if the aspirant is diseased or his Chakras are constricted by over-activity of the sympathetic nervous system, the Kundalini, being The Mother of every individual and the embodiment of Love, Knowledge, and Beauty, knows how to reveal Her Love beautifully and to give rebirth to Her child without causing any hurt.

There are many descriptions about Kundalini warning us against the dangers and perils of the taming of Kundalini. Also many books describe various gross or frightful experiences of Kundalini awakening. Actually this is caused because Kundalini cannot rise without Sahaja Yoga, that is, if someone who is not Self-Realized tries to awaken Her, the Kundalini becomes adamant and angry. Thus the sympathetic gets into activity. When She is accused of sex, She sends heat waves over the sympathetic nervous system which causes the constriction or blockage of the plexuses and the path of the Kundalini is completely broken down. Sometimes one gets into funny gesticulations or loses complete awareness of the outside. Moreover, with mishandling of Chakras and Kundalini due to ignorance or greed of the teacher, the chance of Realization for the aspirant becomes very poor and sometimes impossible.”

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi

"The religions, if they were practiced from the understanding how important it was to make one wise, balanced and compassionate for the last breakthrough of our evolution by following spirit-oriented religions, even the wrong doers would have become good normal people and deep seekers of absolute truth. But the people at the helm of affairs of religion are themselves money or power-oriented and not spirit-oriented. They can poison the ignorant minds of the simple faithful and mislead them into hell.

The Truth is there is a residual Power in the triangular bone Sacrum, called as Kundalini. She has the Power to bring forth the complete nourishment and adjustment of the disturbed genes whether they are genetic, inherent or acquired. When She is awakened, She changes the series of genes. Not only that She corrects the gene's database but She breaks through the fontanelle bone area and connects the seeker to the All-Pervading Power of Divine Love also called as the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost, Ruh, Ritambhara or Paramchaitanya. Thus one, by this second birth, becomes a Realized person as actualization of Baptism takes place. The Light of the Spirit, which is the reflection of God Almighty in our heart, enters into our attention and enlightenment. The seeker is really born again, not just a certificate but he changes as the transformation takes place within. There is a vast difference between an ordinary seeker and a Realized soul (Yogi). He becomes his own master, full of Divine Love. It is a resurrection process, like an egg becoming the bird. Maybe this is the reason eggs are presented as a symbol, reminding that one has to get resurrected. The genes change and complete transformation takes place. For some people it takes time if they are sick or egotistical. Also some of them who feel guilty or cannot forgive others are rather difficult to perfect their state of Self-realization. If they have a problem from false gurus, cults, or fanaticism it also takes time, but can be established in Sahaja Yoga. People have given up even drugs overnight. They never had withdrawal symptoms or any trouble.

Self-Realization as a result of Kundalini awakening has exhibited fantastic results. It brings forth new creativity; many people have become poets; musicians and artists have achieved great heights in their talents; financial problems are solved; the problems of psychosomatic diseases get cured, like cancer, myelitis etc. Many incurable diseases also get cured without any medicines. The seeker becomes the witness of the drama of life and establishes an inner Peace. He respects all the religions and belongs to Universal Religion which encompasses all the religions of the world. Morality becomes innate and spontaneous. After the complete transformation he is averse to do any immoral acts. In the Light of the Spirit he knows exactly what is wrong or right and he is empowered to stay clean and holy. He enjoys his virtues which he respects and without any doubt he becomes a moral human being... All human enemies of lust, greed, anger, possessiveness, jealousies, attachments just disappear. Thus a new race of saints are created...

Now, whatever I am going to tell you has not to be accepted blindfolded but treated as a hypothesis. Again and again, I would request you that you must keep your mind open like a scientist. If whatever I am saying is proved then, as honest people, human beings have to accept this beautiful discovery about yourself because this is for your benevolence, and for the benevolence of your family, benevolence of your society, benevolence of your nations and benevolence of the whole world.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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