Shri Mataji: "I must say they are committing the greatest sin against the Holy Ghost.”

“And even in Koran, Mohamed Sahab says that all the Heavens lie at the lotus feet of The Mother.

Among them, among Muslims there are Sufis... who are realized souls and also accepted in the society. The other day I met somebody in Paris, a very high person in the Islamic world and he accepted Sahaja Yoga. He said it is described in Koran that there has to be Qiyamah, the Resurrection - we believe in Resurrection.

Also it is for Christians or Hindus, everybody, they have to be resurrected to a higher state.

It is just for money and power are some people who are trying to mislead others, keeping them away from Resurrection. I must say they are committing the greatest sin against the Holy Ghost.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
July 1, 1993

—- In," Violet"
> It seems that WCASY is very enamoured by the 'subtle system'
> tree and cannot see how the 'Great Message of the
> Resurrection'tree is the real message that Shri Mataji came to
> give to the whole world. Without the 'grounding' of the Great
> Message of the Resurrection' tree, the 'subtle system' tree is
> bound to be patented and corporatized until one day it will be
> difficult to comprehend how it could ever have been part and
> parcel of Shri Mataji's 'Great Message of the Resurrection' tree
> at all!
> Will the original spirit of Sahaja Yoga also get edited out along
> with the editing out of Shri Mataji's Great Message of the
> Resurrection, or is this happening now already. I remember when
> SY's felt the wonder of their spiritual journey, not knowing what
> spiritual heights and depths may be granted to them by the Adi
> Shakti within. Now, it will not be legitimate for SY's to evolve
> beyond the diluted version of WCASY's Message of Sahaja Yoga. If
> the individual yogi's spiritual depths and heights surpass that of
> the WCASY, and yogis subsequently don't fit the WCASY mould, they
> will simply be asked to leave. This is the opposite of how Shri
> Mataji did things and also the opposite of what She has asked
> yogis to do.
> However, we know that WCASY, as much as they vouch for Shri
> Mataji's support of them, do not in turn officially uphold Shri
> Mataji's Great Message of the Resurrection as She has requested.
>"Tell all the nations and tell all the people, all over, the great
> message - that the time of Resurrection is Here. Now, at this
> time, and that you all are capable of doing it. You are the ones
> who are capable of manifesting God's joy on this earth. You are
> the flutes, which are going to play the Melody of God. I am doing
> all this to perfect you to the"most"beautiful instruments of
> God. Like the ship is built, is brought to the sea, tried, and
> found out to be sea-worthy to sail out, when you know everything
> about the ship, everything about the sea. With complete freedom
> and wisdom, you have to sail now. Not afraid of any storms or any
> gales or any typhoons because now all you 'know'. Your job is to
> cross through.”
> (Australian Sahaja Newsletter - 2 June 1995)

December 19, 2006

So when Shri Mataji said that"They are committing the greatest sin against the Holy Ghost"She was obviously referring to the religious organizations (and not Her own devotees) as the"people who are trying to mislead others, keeping them away from Resurrection.”

At that time She was expecting SYs to"Tell all the nations and tell all the people, all over, the Great Message - that the time of Resurrection is here.”............. and believed they were doing just that. i doubt at that early stage She realized the strength of the resistance and the silence that would keep seekers from knowing about the Resurrection. In the 1980s She was openly lambasting the religious organizations for keeping seekers away from the Resurrection, thinking that Her own devotees were, on the contrary, boldly following Her public declarations. After all, She had already explained the Resurrection to them in detail time and again. Unlike Jesus, She was so proud to have tens of thousands of SYs to carry that message to the rest of humanity. She was so confident of success. It did not matter if the religious organizations kept their followers away from the Resurrection because She had more than enough devotees to do so ............ or so She thought.

Never in history will you find anything that comes even remotely close to the dereliction of duty and dharma on the scale of today's Sahaja Yogis. There are no words to describe this unspeakable act against human emancipation. Nothing in history can match this collective silence that is keeping humanity away from Resurrection. It is a satanic silence, nothing less. Since this is the case then the entire Sahaja Yoga organization - SYs, WACSY, Sir CP -"Are committing the greatest sin against the Holy Ghost.”

For decaades Her own devotees have mislead seekers with the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion, deliberately keeping them away from Resurrection because SY leaders think that public disclosure of the message will be too much .................. and that too when the Last Judgment is taking place???!!!

So we have both the religious and Sahaja Yoga organizations preventing the public from knowing about the Resurrection. Thus both are committing the same sin and will bear the consequences. But i have to say that it is the SYs who are committing the greatest sin against the Holy Ghost. They will thus bear the consequences far more severely than the religious organizations. This is because the relgious organizations are acting in ignorance, and can be pardoned. On the other hand, the Sahaja Yogis have complete knowledge but yet collectively refuse to act conscientiously. Despite Shri Mataji's message and pleas underpining the gravity of the situation and urgency of the task to reach out to a world in turmoil, rank and file SYs nonchalantly continue to mislead humanity with claims that practising Sahaja Yoga will lead to:

“A healthier, drug-free life;

Stress reduction, inner peace, improved emotional and mental balance;
Advancement in one's life and personal growth, developing newly found skills and talents, increased self esteem and confidence;

Improved family life, work environment, interpersonal relationships with others, communication skills.”

with no mention whatsoever of the Resurrection, a deception that has been repeated for more than three decades ........... and counting.

So actually who has been committing the greatest sin? ....... time and again - day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year and decade after decade? Unlike Kurukshetra, Arjuna would not have hesitated today. This is because there is a vast difference between fighting for an earthly kingdom and battling for the honor and victory of the Adi Shakti.



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