Shri Mataji: "Every religion has said that you have to have your Self-realization"

“The leader should know about... and respect... all traditional religions, all the incarnations, prophets, seers and all the realised souls of the past and the present. They should be aware of these religions, which have been in their purest forms once upon a time and might have deviated from the right and true path. That deviation can be easily detected by an enlightened soul. The people who have deviated go into a kind of a conditioning which creates a blind faith and a complete halt to the further progress of spirituality. When the religion is professing about one person, then especially it can create people who start despising other religions and criticising others and finding faults with others. So whatever religion they might profess, if they are criticising each other, they are just the same. One must realise that they have lost the sense that all religions come from the same source. They have only partial knowledge which should be expanded and is to be verified through Sahaja Yoga.

Every religion has said that you have to have your Self-realisation, your second birth, but these people can just brand themselves as self-realised or selected or elected people, and can go ahead with their blindness into the darkness of destruction. That is why sometimes we are (seeing) how certain people who are professing a religion are creating a society which is completely decadent. Those people who just believe in the Father, the God, are all right as far as their economics and politics is concerned. They might also after some time deviate very greatly, because after all it is a movement towards the right side.

Now, if they believe in God Almighty as the Father, and not in the Primordial Mother, then they can commit sins against their mother and the sins against The Mother are absolute immorality. Such people will find their freedom to go into all areas of immorality which will give them all kinds of horrible diseases and troubles. So one has to be careful. Before criticising these people, the leader must tell the group to take a very benevolent attitude towards all of them, to save as many as possible by telling them what these great saints or these true incarnations have said. In any case they are getting destroyed.

Also the leader can read books which are written by some enlightened people to show where they have gone wrong. They should not say that"I say so"but they can use some other book like Khalil Gibran or William Blake or someone like that to show how things were said absolutely in a wrong manner by some of the people who managed to enter into the scriptures and master them.

The conditioning of religion, though people are educated, is very strong and the strength of these religions is not of morality, of goodness or righteousness, but of destruction, because they think they are the best and they try to destroy others. Sometimes when these things come up with such a vengeance people lose faith in religion as well as in God, but a Sahaja Yogi knows that there is God. A leader when dealing with such people in the presence of other Sahaja Yogis has to warn the Sahaja Yogis beforehand that they should not try to jump to any conclusions and should not say things that will upset those people who are already blind and who are going towards Hell.

If you take a very motherly attitude you will understand that these are like lost sheep and they have to be saved with great kindness, compassion and attention. But in case it is too difficult you should not bother about them. Leave them alone and maybe one day they may work out better because if the Kundalini has started working in them, gradually they will come round.

Sometimes the people who are lost in blind faith are never seeking their enlightenment or their second birth. Leaders should not force the illumination of such people because it is a big task. Instead of that, try to look after easier people who are earnestly and honestly seeking the truth. If we understand that all the incarnations are coming from the same source through their inner Divinity enlightening them, then automatically we will know that there is a higher life than just blindly believing in some faith. Somehow they should know the basic principle that all religions are the same. They came in at different times and they had to work it out according to the times: "Samayachar.” Knowing the Self...”Gyana.”.. is higher than reasoning. Reasoning comes from ego, but absolute knowledge comes from the Self. The leader should follow a spiritual life, enjoying his spiritual values and his Gyana will grow more and more on his central nervous system.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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