Shri Mataji: "They (Sikhs) came to Sahaja, but they said," We cannot worship Goddess.”I said"Why?” "

January 12, 2007

Dear All,

Just a few days back i realized how little my Sikh mother knew about Sikhism. This sad realization was made all the more clearer by my sister-in-law, a university graduate, who despite having a deep grounding in Sikhism is just as ignorant. Like most Sikhs, they too have been conditioned that Sikhism forbids the worship of the Devi. The fact that most Sikhs, like Muslims, do not understand the language of their holy scriptures just keeps them ignorant and at the mercy of the priests.

But if you read the holy scriptures of Sikhism you will realize that Shri Mataji is absolutely correct when She said “They (Sikhs) came to Sahaja, but they said," We cannot worship Goddess.”I said"Why?” "

i just cannot understand why Sikhs are so blind, all the more to the Aykaa Mayee (One Mother) whom they have recited countless times over the centuries when they read the Japji Sahib. Moreover, the Dasam Granth is clear about the Devi:

"6. The Granth contains sixteen compositions versified in different forms of poetry in the following order:

Jap (meditation)
Bachitar Natak ( autobiography of the Guru)
Akal Ustat (praises of God)
Chandi Charitar I & II (the character of goddess Chandi)
Chandi di Var (a ballad to describe goddess Durga)
Gian Prabodh (the awakening of knowledge)
Chaubis Avtar (24 incarnations of Vishnu)
Brahm Avtar (incarnation of Brahma)
Rudar Avtar (incarnation of Shiv)
Shabad Hazare (ten shabads)
Swayyae (33 stanzas)
Khalsa Mehma (the praises of the Khalsa)
Shaster Nam Mala ( a list of weapons)
Triya Charitar (the character of women)
Zafarnama (epistle of victory, a letter written to Emperor Aurangzeb)
Hikayats. (stories)"

“Touching upon various aspects of all religion and the mission of these incarnations, Shri Mataji reminded us of Sikhism and its teaching and the paradox that the present people have on understanding God in their own terms. She says"We have also Sikh community. They came to Sahaja, but they said," We cannot worship Goddess.”I said"Why?”Surprised at it, because Shri Guru Nanak has talked about the Goddess, the Devi. The first sentence of His book is Adya. Adya is the Adi Shakti. And for this, if the Sikhs stupidly say, then why do they have a 'Chandi'-'garh'. That's so stupid also, nothing to really compare.”

Transcript of 2001 Christmas Puja message of Shri Mataji

Not only that but the Dasam Granth also praises Shri Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu ......... who were first created by the Aykaa Mayee.

All this is but another pearl to be added in the priceless Necklace of Knowledge that the Devi (Aykaa Mayee/Shakti) has bestowed over the years. i have realized that ignorant gianis and priests have made fools out of the religious faithful and retarded their spiritual growth. That is why if you need to move even a single step in any direction to pray to God you are going the wrong way.

regards to all,


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Re: Shri Mataji: "They (Sikhs) came to Sahaja, but they said," We cannot worship Goddess. I said"Why?” "

Sahaj and Sikhism 13.11.2006

I am a Sikh Sahajyogi from Delhi and every time there is any sahaj gathering, I am asked by fellow sahjis about Sikhs and connection of Sikhism and Sahaja Yoga. Sikhs have a well defined system of worship and they worship"The holy Granth Saheb"As their Living Guru. We were able to conduct a Public Program at the Gurudwara in Chhindwara, on 21st March this year. Thereafter, we were able to conduct programs for around one month at various gurudwaras in Mumbai, Goa, Manmad and Nanded, etc. With lots of love



The ultimate objective of the preachings of Sikhism is to achieve a Sahaj state of mind. A state which is in complete balance is natural and spontaneous. A state in which the divine wish and our deeds are in complete harmony with each other. A unique feature of Sikhism is the obeisance and worship of the Holy Scripture GURU GRANTH SAHEB as the LIVING GURU. Guru Granth of Sikhs is composed in ragas and is in the form of poetry, and consists of the utterances of the six sikh Gurus along with the recitations of realised saints like Kabir, Namdev, Ravidas etc. Nanak says, 'SAHAJE KO SAB KO LOCHDA, JETA SAGAL SANSAR'. Meaning: The whole world is desirous of attaining the state of sahaj.

Meaning: Without Sahaj, we are all immersed in the blind veil of Maya (Mammon).

According to Nanak, the whole world consists of three types of people. Firstly, those who are Tamo Gunis: those who want to acquire material wealth and worldly pleasures, by hook or by crook. Secondly, Rajo Gunis: those who are more circumspect and worry about the right means and methods of achieving their goals. Thirdly, the Sato Gunis: those who try to follow the path of dharma in their lives. Beyond these three gunas or states of Maya is the Sahaj state in which one is beyond these three gunas or becomes Guna teet. The way to reach such a state in Sikhism is through: (1) 'Seva' - the selfless service to mankind, (2) through 'Bhakti' i.e. through kirtan/dwelling upon his virtues, (3) by Simran i.e. by meditating upon his name and repeating the guru mantra of"VAHEGURU"taken from the letters of four yugas (eras) Va for Vasdev, Ha for hari , Ga for gobind and Ra from Ram .Thus when we utter 'VAHEGURU', the Kundalini Shakti, gets awakened. It reaches the Sahastradhar for realized souls but doesn't reach there in case of non-realized ones. Nanak says of the person, who has achieved sahaj state,





Such people perform all their actions in a sahaj way. They laugh and live in sahaj, eat and drink in a sahaj and natural manner, in a sahaj manner they give alms, do good deeds, in sahaj they meditate, in sahaj they remember him, in sahaj they drink the nectar of love, and in sahaj their true religion is awakened. In sahaj they become thoughtless, in sahaj they become one with the divine. In sahaj they listen to the anhat naad. Nanak says, such is this exalted state of sahaj, that he is even willing to sacrifice his own life for such a person. Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru of the Sikhs, who baptized them with amrit and gave them a separate identity with five K-signs, namely Kara (the iron bangle), Kanga (the comb), Kes the hair), Kacha (the long underwear) and Kirpan (the sword) created a unique individual who was a saint and soldier at the same time, a combination of Bhakti and Shakti. It seems Guru Gobind Singh was a worshiper of the Bhagwati as is evident from his writings. On completion of the writing of the holy granth saheb he wrote in thanks, 'KRIPA KARI HUM PAR JAG MATA, GRANTH KARA PURAN SUBH RATA'. Meaning: The Divine Mother of this universe showered her blessings on me; therefore I was able to complete this granth.

In his autobiography he writes," HEM KUNT PARBAT HAI JAHAN, SAPT SRING SOBHAT HAI TAHAN VAHA HUM ANIK TAPASYA SADHI, MAHAKAL KALKA AARADHI.” Meaning: In my previous life, I did lot of penance at Hemkunt Mountain and worshipped the supreme Lord and the Adi Shakti or the primordial mother (KALKA). Aaradhi means worshipping a female deity.

He composed ARDAS, the prayer of Sikhs. This prayer is recited by all Sikhs in a standing manner, after performing any religious ceremony, and is part and parcel of Sikh's everyday ritual. He writes, 'EK ONKAR SATGURU PRASAD, SHREE BHAGAUTI JI SAHAI'. Meaning: Remember the one creator, who is realised with the grace of true guru, and then seek the assistance and blessings of Bhagwati. In second line he writes," VAR SHRI BHAGAUTI JI KI PATSHAI DASVI.” The verse of shree Bhagwati and the ten true gurus. In the third line he writes," PRITHAM BHAGAUTI SIMAR KE GURU NANAK LAI DHIAYE.” First and foremost, remember the Bhagwati and then Nanak and the other gurus thereafter. So he kept Bhagwati Mother over and above Nanak and the other Sikh Gurus. Such seemed to be his respect for the Bhagwati. Thus, all Sikhs, unknowingly or knowingly worship and seek the blessings of Bhagwati everyday. Sikhism preaches the realization of union with divine in a sahaj manner and can aptly be described as Sahajayoga. In everyday life, which is in the fast track mode these days, it is extremely important to attain the sahaj, natural and spontaneous state of mind, to lead a peaceful, happy and joyous life.

Note: There are a number of articles by Sikhs trying to depreciate, even erase, the Goddess (Bhagauti/Bhagawati). i do not wish to confuse readers by stating all the different interpretations and reasons given by Sikhs to distance themselves from the Goddess (Bhagauti/Bhagawati).

Maybe it is easy for Sikhs to do so with Bhagauti but what about Adi Shakti? How are they going to explain the Adi Shakti or the Primordial Mother (KALKA) away? There is just no way.

Last, but not the least, what about the Aykaa Mayee (One Mother) who is entrenched in their Jap Ji Sahib, the most revered daily morning prayers that opens the voluminous Guru Granth Sahib? No Sikh wants to discuss about the Aykaa Mayee because they just are too conditioned and rote learning of little understood Gurumkhi scriptural text does little to stimulate the mind. In all my life as a Sikh i never heard any priest, parent or Sikh talking about the Aykaa Mayee. Till today i am unable to understand why they are so blind or deaf to the word"Aykaa Mayee.”

The 1430-page Guru Granth Sahib refers to God Almighty (Waheguru) as both Father and Mother i.e., God and His creative aspect Adi Shakti. She is not only entrenched in the Holy Scriptures of Sikhism and Hinduism but the Bible and Qur'n as well. Shri Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, Durga, Mahakali, Saraswati, Nanak, Buddha, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, etc., are all Her creation and Self. She is your Self and mine too. That is why all meditate on Her within themselves.

But how can the ignorant and conditioned religious masses be made to realize that? How can they wake up when their own gianis, priests and pandits know as much about Self-realization as a Kalahari bushman knows about Hagen-Dazs.



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