Shri Mataji: "Indians have no goal as far as spiritual life is concerned"

Rabindranath Tagore
"Some great voice is waiting to be heard which will usher in the sacred light of truth in the dark hours of the nightmare of politics, the voice which will proclaim that 'God is over all,' and exhort us never to covet, to be great in renunciation that gives us the wealth of spirit, strength of truth, leads us from the illusion of power to the fullness of perfection, to the Santam, who is peace eternal, to the Advaitam, who is the infinite One in the heart of the manifold. But we in India have not had the chance.”

Rabindranath Tagore

The Material Marathon

In 1988 when Kash was eight his parents left Malaysia for Canada, where millions of immigrants toiled hard to accumulate wealth, status and success. In this land of milk and maple syrup all dreams were within reach. There were great expectations of instant happiness that this vast, wealthy nation would shower on those reaching its distant shores.

The euphoria of a materialistic lifestyle removed the last remaining traces of religiousness. The heart, mind, soul and sinew were harnessed for the sole purpose of hoarding wealth. Minimum wages brought instant happiness. Fifty cents raises brought glee and celebrations. High class Hindus slogged and sweated in dirty, menial jobs. Ugly, uneducated permanent status sons married fair, intelligent deshi daughters. Western-bred city sons argued with village parents over money matters, and goaded even the aging to work, or dumped unproductive ones to fend for themselves. Women gossiped ceaselessly, constantly complaining about beer bellies and bad breath of husbands with pig appetites, foul mouths and filthier minds.

The opium of affluence had its price but its addictive high was most welcome. The flashing wheel of fortune kept everyone mesmerized with financial fantasies and erotic daydreams.

The incarnation of the Great Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
“Indians have no goal as far as spiritual life is concerned. Mostly, if they have it, it is so limited, that it should help them in family life, in their relationship with others, with their bodies, or with their jobs, or with their marriages, or little more and little more — that is all. But very gross, the goal is extremely gross of Indians; is that they want to achieve a kind of an affluence that you have, in their hearts of hearts. But they do not know the pangs ... they think they can keep the Spirit as well as the other side of it. You cannot. You cannot serve two masters. So now what to do? They would prefer to choose this side than to choose the Spirit.”

Shri Adbhuta-caritra Shri Nirmala Devi
Importance Of Self-Realization,
Delhi, India — February 8, 1983

Adbhuta-caritra (987th): Of marvelous history as depicted in Lalitopakhyana and other Puranas; or Her acts from Srsti to Anugraha are unique and marvelous.

"Vedic Heritage

I do hope that your newspaper will acquaint the Hindus living away from India with the source of Hindu Dharma and not only to the mythological information about it. The Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Geeta are the source of Hindu Dharma. The homogeneous wholeness of cosmic life, the mysterious, interrelatedness of all things and beings inhabiting the planet, the divinity and sacredness of life and the built-in equal status of all living beings obliging us to have reverence for life, are some of the salient characteristics of our Vedic heritage.

The Hindus who have gone abroad with the sole purpose of acquiring money and physical comforts must be made aware that dedication to atma-paramatma — the existential essence of life — is the ultimate purpose of human life. Instead of aping and imitating non-Indian ways of life, they should carry the torch of Vedic culture to all parts of the globe.”

Vimala Thakar, Himachal Pradesh, India
Hinduism Today, February 1994
(Himalayan Academy, 1998,

Note: Throughout this book there are quotes of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi taken from SY magazines, books, articles, audio and video, relevant to issues being discussed. It has to noted that Her quotes were inserted only after this book was nearly completed, and not before or simultaneously. There was never an instance where Shri Mataji's quote was read and then something written about that subject — it was always the other way round. This might seem improbable but any work undertaken in the state of 'thoughtless awareness' has a divine direction that cannot be explained — it must be first be experienced to be understood.

Shri Adi Shakti: THe Kingdom Of God, 1999, pages-33-34

Is India under the shadow of a threatening catastrophe?
by S. N. Tikku

It is unfortunate that an attitude of disdain has been betrayed towards the indispensable intrinsic values of the Indian civilisation right from 1947. After the results of the elections to the 11th Lok Sabha this attitude turned more pronounced and aggressive according to some political analysts.

For any student of history the splendours of Egypt, Babylon and Greece have vanished and only Indian civilisation - the oldest of them all, remains. Has India not a personality of her own, an individuality that marks her out as something that has no equal in the annals of the world?

It is India and India alone where aggressive and illogical idea of a single religion for all mankind was never advocated from earliest times. Here one set of dogma, one cult, one system of worship and one Scriptural injunction which all minds must accept on peril of persecution by men and spiritual rejection or 'Eternal damnation' by God was never preached. Is there a more unifying way other than this available to mankind?

The man is not a machine but a god in making, born to blossom forth to the best of his potentialities.

To realise God is to see Him in all and all in Him. This is the key to oneness of all creation as beautifully explained in the Bhagavad Gita.

There is a belief that the threads of cause and effect (Karma) in humanity's affairs are tied by invisible forces in such a way that an inescapable justice, an equalising readjustment, is for- ever at work. Whatever a man does towards another is ultimately reflected back to him from some sources or the other. Universal benevolence is therefore the wisest and the most suitable behaviour according to Hindus of yore.

Those who are engaged in loot of public exchequer at the level of politicians and bureaucrats and in adulteration of food, medicine and whatever else can be adulterated at the level of common men, in vain, seek the favours of God by touching the feet of the so-called holy men and in performing many a useless rituals which have no place in spirituality.

What preserved the concept of India as a separate entity? It is Hinduism, the one strand which binds Aryan and Dravidian, North and South, East and West, said Frank Moraes.

Perhaps no other religion can match the catholicity, the nobility, the loftiness and the depth of Hinduism as found in its scriptures and philosophical texts wrote Jaya Prakash Narayan.

If Hinduism disappears at any time, the inhabitants of India will cease to have any distinctive identity according to Nirad Chauduri and according to Daily Time, London 31-1-1948 no country, but India, and no religion, but Hinduism, could have given birth to Gandhi.

According to K.M . Munshi, India, (Aryavrata) is not a mere geographical expression, not a mere political entity.. India is The Motherland of those who see and follow Dharma (righteousness).

To Dr. Annie Besant India and Hinduism are one; without Hinduism India has no future. Why denigrate Hindutva?

The British Government policy was the theory of divide and rule, The alien rule destroyed Hindu traditional caste role based on occupations. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna were not Brahmans. There are many instances of Kshtriya Kings excelling in spiritual knowledge. Many of the Upanishads were written by them. Vishvamitra's attaining Brahmanhood is not certainly a solitary instance. Even Shudras have become kings and found their dynasties (Mauryas). The Satavahnas who ruled Andhra Desa were Brahmins. Shivaji was not a Kshtriya by birth but managed to acquire a Kshtriya status. Why divide Hindus on - caste basis?

If one looks into the reasons of the fall of ancient Roman empire one is led to trace the following causes.

1. The mounting craze for pleasure, power and plenty.
2. Extravagant spending.
3. Depreciation of moral values as a result of decay in religion.
4. Political instability, growing crime rate and licentiousness.

India after 50 long years of partial liberation from the British yoke and earlier Muslim rule is still bleeding. It has now earned the title of"Gutala desh"- a country of scams and scandals. Who in the world does not know about rampant corruption, nepotism and dishonesty in the government and political circles, particularly at top levels in India?

We are just an aimlessly drifting nation without any set goals or directions. We are one of the most indebted, bribable over populated and poverty stricken countries in the. world.

Who says we are an independent, self respecting and a proud nation. Such nations do not tolerate terrorists, do not allow infiltration of spies and accept Hawala money to break their countries and initiate political process in disturbed areas at the directives of super powers.

A.B. Vajpayee who had to relinquish the post of the Prime Minister mainly on account of his advocacy of 'Hindutva' rightly expressed his bewilderment on total absence of"Accountability"In Congress led governmental circles by saying in a most pathetic mood and in utter grief and anguish.”After all, how much money does an average man require for himself and his family?

A columnist of an English daily in Jammu writing about the monetary embezzlements of one of the erstwhile Congress leader-cum-minister said"What more does one hoard money for after having secured all the choicest amenities raging from motor cars to air conditioned bungalows and after having saved enough for future liabilities and rainy days, if any? He names the politician who is universally accused of having raised his status nefariously from a clerk to a multi-crore owner of Star Hotels, huge business establishments, orchards and palatial buildings. He is not the only corrupt leader. There are many many others who have robbed the public exchequer even more mercilessly.

In the name of the cheap slogans of parliamentary democracy and secularism common people are left high and dry except for a solitary political right to vote which too they are not free to use under the oppressive economic conditions. There are reports that votes are purchased from illiterate and poor masses. The Lincon definition of"Democracy'' as the Government of the people, by the people, for the people has since changed. If some of our leaders have secured safe coffers in foreign lands and send their surplus money there. Are we not on the brink of real disaster?

The quality of some elected representative to State Assemblies and Parliament is reportedly lamentable. Politics is becoming a career for self-aggrandizement. Goons and goondas, terrorists and criminals are alleged to have entered public life.

Going by that criterion we discover that we now have the largest ever number of people living in abject uncivilised misery-people living in conditions not different what was prevailing some two hundred years ago.

Indian Nationalism is not blind patriotism and aggressive Chauvinism. While the Hindu adores Mother India he also revers the Mother Earth. Harmony among our parts of nature is emphasized in the Upanishads as a basic necessity in spiritual life. The world is a manifestation of the Eternal-the self existent spirit. Do you get such a unifying vision anywhere else? What a shame vested interests are keen to plunge India into intense regional whirlpools.

India has been visioned as beating heart of the world, the creative centre from which the message of the unity of all existence goes forth silently. The greatness of the landmass India lies in the fact that it has been the repository of values which can really civilise the aggressive instincts of the brute in man.

If Hindus at no point of time forced Indian thought upon the people with mass murder, misery and massacre as was the case with the Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists and Socialists. If there was nothing like inquisition and Jihad in India to force age-old Indian ideology upon the people how are Hindus dangerous for non-Hindu minorities today?

If foreign money in billions is dumped in India to create glamour for foreign ideologies and foreign political interests who is to be blamed? Only the politician who is mad for power and plenty.

It is alleged that some politicians have ISI links, CIA links, Arab links, Russian and Chinese links. It is alleged that the demand for autonomy for Kashmir is a conspiracy and treason. It is also rumoured that some politicians have transferred their surplus money in billions to foreign countries. May be some top ranking businessmen and top ranking civil servants have also done so.

What is most unfortunate that corruption has percolated even into the minds of petty officials both in public and private sectors, religious and charitable trusts, hospitals and educational institutions with a few honourable exceptions. At some places people in authority are very honest but they do not know the rules of plugging the leaks. Maintaining a pontifical air they are seldom prepared to listen to those who would sincerely help them to put some halt to miss appropriation of funds.

If these and other allegations are true and if slavish imitation of foreign ideologies goes on like this where will India go? Great will be her fall. If gold rusts what will iron do? Constant abuse of Indian thought will be suicidal for the future of mankind.

Should the picture of present day India as drawn above be true then India is really under the shadow of a threatening catastrophe. Let all of us think how to save this ancient civilisation of the world from further humiliation and future extinction.

Articles based on Shri Mataji quotes:
“A day will dawn when whole world would bow to this country India"
“A great war is taking place between satanic forces and Divine Forces"
“About Sahasrara nowhere in the scriptures something was described"
“Achieve your Self, become your Self"
“After all we are all human beings created by one God"
“All the people laugh at us, nobody believes us.”
“All these rituals have entered into Sahaja Yoga.”
“Among Muslims there are Sufis... who are realized souls"
“And now the time has come for it to be blasted.
“Announce it to all the seekers of truth, to all the nations.”
“Anyone can commit any sins in the name of religion.”
“But if you put one little fish and two eggs for ten people"
“But the Muslims do not want to talk about Resurrection at all"
“But this Judgment is so beautiful ... you enjoy the bliss of your Spirit"
“But you know that you have eternal life. You can never die.”
“Death does not exist for you — It is finished... your spirit is free.”
“Do not destroy your spirit by going to such people.”
“Every religion has said you have to have Self-realization"
“For all people whom I gave Self Realization yesterday"
“He (Jesus) was the Holiest of the Holy. You accept that position.”
“I don't care for your protocols and rituals. It is nonsense for me.”
“I have to warn all the SYs ... Sahaja Yoga is the Last Judgment"
“I must say they are committing the greatest sin ...”
“I was with Him (Guru Nanak Ji), in fact with all of Them.”- 1
“I was with Him (Guru Nanak Ji), in fact with all of Them.”- 2
.”... if you see around the world is in chaos"
“Indians have no goal as far as spiritual life is concerned"
“It is the greatest event of all spiritual happenings of the Universe.”
“It means the Last Judgment has begun with full force"
“It will be slowly revealed by Me because ...”
“Like all the thieves of the world ... have taken over.”
“Meditation is not to sit before the photograph"
“My actual sign name is Lalita ... the name of the Primordial Mother"
“Nobody has to change dresses or anything - it's nothing outside.”
“Now watch. I will change the direction of the waves.”
“No reality in those Divine Force working"
“Pure knowledge is not of chakras, vibrations, kundalini but of God"
“Self-Realization will progressively lead to the creation of a new race"
“Some are money-oriented ... some are violent"
“Tell Jagbir now to leave it to Her.”
“That's not the way it (Al-Qiyamah) is going to work out.'"
“The expression of the Adi Shakti within you is the Kundalini.”
“Christianity has nothing to do with Christ.”
“The time has come for you to get all that is promised"
“The ultimate act against Spirit is to worship that which has no Spirit"
“The whole Cosmos is waiting for their arrival.”
“They are stagnated at the point of dharma, so they start telling ...”
“There is so much blind faith, there is so much of wrong ideas"
“They came to Sahaja but they said"We cannot worship Goddess.”
“They made Christ look like a TB patient"
“You have to enter into the Kingdom of God"
“Your job is, in a way, greater than the saints and sages.”

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