Shri Mataji: .”.. the time has come for you to get all that is promised in the scriptures"

August 30, 2006

Dear Violet and Kyyan,

i cannot agree more to what both of you have written about cross- examining and confirming the truth of the scriptures with what Shri Mataji is talking about. If you are following a Sadguru then without question the scriptures will match his or her teachings.

What is a Sadguru? i quote:

"Sadhaka : Who can be a real guru, a Sadguru? How to know him?

Gurudev : To be a guru one must have a command from God. One who has direct Knowledge of Atman through Experience can only be enrolled as a guru. Mere study of books cannot make one a guru. A jivanmukta (liberated sage) is sadguru. He is a knower of Brahman. He is identical with the supreme Self. The sadguru is Brahman Himself. He is an ocean of bliss, knowledge and mercy. He shows you the right path. He tears your veil of ignorance. He transmutes your lower, diabolic nature. Sadgurus do not exhibit any miracles or siddhis.

If you find peace in the presence of a mahatma (great soul), in whose very presence you are spiritually elevated, and if he is selfless, I-less and loving, you can take him as your guru.

Swamiji : The guru sows spiritual seeds in us, so that it may yield the delicious fruit of Self-realisation.

Swami Krishnananda: A guru is one who initiates a person into the technique of God-realisation, and guides that student continuously as long as necessary. A guru does not mean the one who just teaches you something. His connection is with the Spirit. If anybody can guide you towards that purpose until such time as guidance is necessary, that person is the guru.”

Who is a Sadguru?

More than a Sadguru only an Avatar can proclaim this:

"The main thing that one has to understand is that the time has come for you to get all that is promised in the scriptures, not only in the Bible but all the scriptures of the world. The time has come today that you have to become a Christian, a Brahmin, a Pir, through your Kundalini awakening only. There is no other way. And that your Last Judgment is also now. (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.”)

So what does"Avatar"mean? i quote:

The Meaning of Avatar

"The term 'VATAR' means one who was descended, but descended from where and to what? It means descended from Godliness to human form. Avatar means those who descended to Earth from the Spiritual world for the establishment of Dharma, preservation of the human race and promulgation of Sastra. Avatar means the person who descends, as a fully or partially empowered incarnation of Divine Mother Adhiparasakthi, from the spiritual realm for a particular mission. An Avatar is also called a Savior, that is a person who saves or rescues mankind from the danger of deterioration. When a savior appears on this Earth all are saved through his grace.

Whenever virtue subsides and wickedness prevails; whenever there is unrighteousness or Adharma and whenever there is catastrophe and unrest in the world; the Divine Mother manifests Herself. That is, Adhiparasakthi comes down to this earth, or physical plane, to establish virtue and Dharma and to destroy the evil and save the good. When She comes down to the physical plane She takes human form and is called an Avatar or Incarnation.

An Avatar is also called a Messenger of Divine Mother because an Avatar transmits pure unselfish Divine Love from the Divine Mother to man and gives a taste of the unadulterated nectar of heavenly bliss to the arid souls scorched by the fire of worldliness. The all-pervading Mother Adhiparasakthi who is Truth, Consciousness and Bliss, by Her special grace manifests Herself as a common being during the Avatar period. During this period the Divine mother assumes a human form and manifests Herself to set an example of Divine Life before us in this world. It is Her peculiarity that she, in spite of being boundless, becomes very small.

The Avatar or Incarnation of Adhiparasakthi descends from the Spiritual world for material manifestation. The particular form of personality of Divine Mother who descends is called an Incarnation or Avatar. Such incarnations are situated in the Spiritual World. When they descend to the material creation they assume a common name Avatar.

The Avatar assumes various names and forms such as Rama, Krishna, Christ, etc at various places in various times, but all are the same Adhiparasakthi. All the Avatars that have come to this world are one and the same Adhiparasakthi. The Supreme personality of Godhead, Adhiparasakthi takes various incarnations and many sub-incarnations as well, but she is the original personality of Godhead known as Adhiparasakthi and She incarnates personally also.

Adhiparasakthi, although one without a second, manifests Herself in innumerable forms. All these multifarious forms are understood by the pure unalloyed devotees, but not by a simple study of the Vedas. Devotees are constant companions of Divine Mother and whenever Divine Mother incarnates, the associate devotees also incarnate in order to serve the Divine Mother in different capacities. The Divine Mother works through them and propagates the religion. The associate devotees spend their lifetimes assisting the Avatar and work for the welfare of the Jivas. However, there is a difference between the Divine Mother and the Devotees. Therefore, a living entity, however great he may be in the material estimation, can never equal the Supreme Mother. Anyone who is a constant companion of the Divine Mother is certainly a liberated person but he cannot be equal to the Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother is infallible, in that she never forgets Herself even though she is in material contact. Therefore, the Divine Mother and the living entity can never be equal in all respects, even if the living entity is a liberated soul. As such, when the Avatar comes, with him are born liberated persons as helpers in his world-play. However, only Avatars have the power to displace the darkness of a million souls and give them salvation in one lifetime. This is known as grace.

A devotee of the Divine Mother sometimes forgets the nature of the Divine Mother, but by divine grace, a devotee can at once understand the infallible condition of the Divine Mother. However, a non-devotee cannot understand this transcendental nature.

It may also be noted here that a living entity forgets everything due to his change of body, but the Divine Mother remembers because she does not change Her Sat-Chit-Ananda body. She is advaita, which means that there is no distinction between Her body and Herself. Everything in relation to Her is spirit, whereas the conditioned soul is different from his material body. Because the Divine Mother's body and self are identical, Her position is always different from that of the ordinary living entity, even when She descends to the material world.

How to know an Avatar:

Truth and love absolute are the essence of the divine. In an Avatar, we find the expression and exposition of the Love of God. Know for certain that God is incarnate in a man in whom the Love of God is surging, overflowing and all absorbing (this maddening sentiment of life). Such teachers of spiritual truth are always the fairest flowers of human life and they are the ocean of mercy without any motive.

One can attain realization of God through worship of the Avatar. Divine Mother reveals Herself to Her devotees in a variety of ways. She assumes the very form that the devotee has chosen for his worship. If you worship Her as Adhiparasakthi, she will come to you as Adhiparasakthi. If you worship Her as Christ, she will come to you as Christ. If you worship Her as Allah, she will come to you as Allah. If you worship Her as Krishna or Buddha, she will come to you as Krishna or Buddha.

All are aspects of one Adhiparasakthi. Under whatever name and form, it is Adhiparasakthi who is adored. Worship goes to She who dwells within. It is ignorance to think that one form is superior to another. All forms are one and the same. All are adoring the same Divine Mother. The differences are only due to differences of name and due to the differences in the worshiper, but not in the object of adoration. The real Adhiparasakthi or Allah or Jesus or Krishna is in your own heart. She lives there forever. She is your Indweller. She is your partner always. There is no friend like the Indweller (Antharayamin). Resort to Her. Take Refuge in Her. Realize Her and be free.

Some people want to have contact with Avatars without being endowed with proper qualifications. Even if an Avatar appears before you, you will not be able to find him out. You don't have the eyes to see him as such. You will take him for an ordinary man only....

If you are endowed with the four means of salvation; if you have Vairagya; if you possess forgiveness and patience; if you have devotion, you can contact and realize the Avatars and sages right this second. If you can serve humanity; if you can obey; if you can be generous; if you can have endless devotion to the Divine Mother, then you will have self-realization this very second and you will contact Avatars, Adepts and Incarnations this very second. First deserve and then desire.

Aim of Manifestation:

Adhiparasakthi, The Supreme Brahman, manifests Herself in order to protect the good because they destroy unrighteousness and propagate righteousness. The good are those who are naturally inclined towards the good of others, who remember and chant the name, form, qualities and glories of Adhiparasakthi, the Divine Mother and propagate them among people while depending on Her. He whose only aim is realization of God is good while those who hanker after worldly pleasures and property are not good.

Those who because of so many desires remain absorbed in vices such as falsehood, fraud, deception, dishonesty, etc; who exploit the virtuous; who remain engaged in doing evil to others; who don't know what ought to be done and what ought not to be done; who always condemn God and the Scriptures; such persons of demonic nature have been called wicked. The wicked propagate unrighteousness and destroy righteousness so the Divine Mother Adhiparasakthi manifests Herself for the destruction of such wicked people.

The Avatar comes to this world with a particular mission which is the main objective of the Avatar called Avatara Nokkam. The Avatar preaches many things and waits for the time to fulfill the main objective. In the meantime other things required for the fulfillment of the main objective are completed. Such things as the training of various cadre of people to perform and complete the main objectives are done step by step without overruling the Theory of Karma as far as possible. During this period some of the minor objectives are also carried out and completed. As soon as the main objective is completed the Avatar goes back to the kingdom of God that is Sukshma world, in the predetermined way.

Cause and Occasion of Her Manifestation:

Whenever and wherever there is decline in religious practice and a predominant rise of irreligion, Adhiparasakthi descends Herself. When there is decline of righteousness and a rise of unrighteousness, She manifests Herself for the destruction of the wicked and the establishment of true righteousness. Thus, if necessary, She manifests Herself in different forms at this time. However, she manifests herself only as and when there is need for Her manifestation.

There is a decline of righteousness from the Satya Yuga, or Golden Age, to Treta Age, Dvapara Age and Kali Age respectively. In the Satya Age, Dharma, or righteousness, flourishes. In Treta Age the decline begins and becomes rapid in Dvapara Age. In Kali Age, the most evil of the ages, unrighteousness or Adharma prevails. In this age the Godhead, the Divine Mother, manifests Herself for the establishment of righteousness.

There is descent of Divine Mother for the ascent of Man. As an Avatar, She puts on a fleshly body out of Her own free will for the upliftment of mankind. She is quite independent and has absolute control over Maya. Meanwhile, Jiva, men, are slaves of Avidya, or Maya, so long as they have no self-realization. She is completely free to act in many ways at Her will and has no obligation to adhere to such rules and regulations. Therefore, She appears by Her own will whenever there is irreligiousity and a disappearance of true religion. It is a recognized fact that from time to time messengers and incarnations of the Almighty Adhiparasakthi are born on earth to shed the light of righteousness and dispel the darkness of evil and injustice.

Dharma is the base on which the edifice of life is built and the Divine Mother takes it as Her special mission to see that it does not decay. Whenever Dharma is assailed, She incarnates to set an example to the world and remove the hurdles in the path of Dharma or righteousness. Whenever there is a setback in Dharma it becomes the primary concern of the Divine Mother to re-infuse and revitalize the vigor into Dharma.

In assuming birth, Divine Mother does not abrogate Her intrinsic nature of being the birth less and deathless Mother of all existence. Her fundamental infinitude of perfections undergoes no diminution the process of incarnation. The form She assumes, the body in which She incarnates, is a particular configuration of Her own radiant and transcendental form, untouched by Rajas Tamas. It is material in so far as it transcends to the taints of terrestrial matter. In time of crisis, for the moral regeneration of the world, the grounds for Divine incarnation are not the necessity of Karma but free resolve transcending it.

The re-establishment of Dharma is accomplished in two ways. Firstly, the righteous ones on earth who are languishing for want of direct communion with Divine Mother, the object of their loving adoration, are granted the vision they long for, by Divine Mother in Her incarnate form. They are thus rescued from their spiritual affliction and sustained by the life-giving grace of Divine Communion. Secondly, those who are evil and antagonistic to the call of the Divine, are released through apparent destruction to get a new embodiment favorable to their turning Divine. The essence of righteousness is love of God, which is fostered by the self-revelation of God through the Avatar.

What is Unrighteousness?

When the righteous, innocent, weak, pious and spiritual people are exploited by the unrighteous, cruel, strong, wicked and mundane people and when moral values are lost and morality prevails: that state is the state of decline of righteousness and the rise of unrighteousness. When there is a decline of righteousness and a rise of unrighteousness, by God's order, saints come to the earth and true strivers are revealed. They both work to reestablish righteousness. Sometimes liberated souls, who have realized God, come to earth as representatives of God to help the people attain salvation. Where there are such strivers and saints, there is neither so much decline of righteousness, nor so much rise of unrighteousness, as in other places where there are neither strivers nor saints. When people don't follow the teachings of strivers and saints, but start to kill them, leaving only a few righteous persons to propagate righteousness, there is a decline in righteousness and Adhiparasakthi, the Brahman, manifests Herself.

What is Irreligious?

The principles of religion are laid down in the Vedas and any discrepancy in the matter of properly executing the rules of the Vedas makes one irreligious.

Establishment of Dharma or Righteousness:

Because unrighteousness propagates due to the performance of actions with a selfish motive and attachment to the unreal, the establishment of righteousness consists of preaching and propagating the selfless performance of actions. The Divine Mother Adhiparasakthi manifests Herself in order to propagate the performance of selfless actions through Her deeds. When this sort of feeling is propagated, righteousness is naturally established.

The Divine Mother is the abode of Dharma, or righteousness, so She manifests Herself in order to establish righteousness well. In fact, righteousness never perishes. It only declines. Whenever there is a decline the Divine Mother reestablishes it.

To establish true Dharma and peace, She comes down as the World teacher. She shows Maya bound Jivas the true path of Mukti, or liberation, by coming down in a human body. Although She is on Earth in human form, She is not bound by Maya. She thus embodies Herself in different bodies at different times but the incarnations are not different. She is one. She only appears in different forms out of necessity. She teaches man by appearing in a form that is suitable for that particular time of Avathara.

She has appeared in India many times and has taught us many things. That is why India was and is the fountain of knowledge. In the past, whenever it was necessary, she has lifted India, upholding her by Her hands of Dharma. It is for this reason that even today in this downtrodden, oppressed and famine stricken India so many heroic souls, righteous and enterprising, are taking birth and guiding us. That is why our country has, even now, the true ideals of Gnana and Bakthi compared to those in other countries.

The Power and Capacity of an Avatar:

An Avatar as epoch maker functions as a perennial source of power and beneficence for a whole epoch. An Avatar can transmit spirituality with a touch or even a mere wish. By his look, wish, or touch, people are saved. The lowest and most degraded characters become saints at the command of the Avatar. When an incarnation comes, a tidal wave of spirituality breaks upon the world, and people feel spirituality almost full in the air.”

Om Shakti Spiritual Movement's_descend.htm

But what if your Sadguru is also an Avatar? What if your Sadguru is also the incarnation of the Divine Mother, the Adi Parashakti?

The answer is that then the lowest and most degraded characters become saints at Her command, and get all that is promised in the scriptures. By scriptures Shri Mataji meant the Bible, Koran, Vedas, Puranas, Guru Granth Sahib and others.

i will just give a single example of what the Bible promised:

"The Paraclete," the one who is to come," is mentioned in the Bible in the Gospel of John. The term is used in two ways: First, the author of the book uses it in reference to Christ's ministry on Earth (both before and after his death) and second, Christ himself uses the term to describe a mysterious figure that will be sent to the disciples after his death to"be with them always.”

The Paraclete must be SIMULTANEOUSLY both human and divine, visible and invisible, outward and inward, temporary and permanent. The gives incontrovertible evidence that Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is also the incarnation of the Paraclete (Adi Shakti) within, One and the same - both SIMULTANEOUSLY human and divine, visible and invisible, outward and inward, temporary and permanent. The present slow physical demise of Shri Mataji is but a calm, serene prelude to awaken and enable all believers to begin seeking the divine, invisible, inward and permanent Paraclete who will be with them forever. (Please understand that"forever"Is not just in the Sahasarara within till physical death on Earth, but "forever"As in the eternal afterlife.)

Shri Mataji is the Sadguru and Avatar who establishes for Her devotees direct communion with the Divine Mother within - to"be with them always"And comforting them at all times on Earth during these difficult days of the Last Judgment and Resurrection. She is your Indweller. She is your partner always. There is no friend like the Indweller (Antharayamin). Resort to Her. Take Refuge in Her. Realize Her and be free.

Jai Shri Ganapathi,


—- In," Violet" wrote:
> Dear All,
> Kyyan wrote:
>"I was told by a yogi that he was never interested in religion and
> never really believed in it. To the average Sy he didn't really
> see the purpose of learning about them and neither did I until I
> began reading more and more about it on here.”....
> There is a difference between religion (organised and controlled
> thought) and the teachings of all the Incarnations and prophets in
> all the Scriptures. If we follow the words of Jesus, for example
> in the Bible, we can't go too wrong. If we follow His guidelines,
> we will be on the correct path. The same goes for the other
> teachings of all the Incarnations and prophets. The same goes for
> Shri Mataji's teachings, but these cannot be taken out of context.
> These must be seen in the Light of all the other Teachings of
> Incarnations and prophets as well, because in essence, they all
> agree with each other.
> If SY's do not do that, they will hone in on chakras, subtle
> systems, etc. to the exclusion of all else. They are then in
> danger of becoming a Cult, with a peculiar 'bent' to it. i have no
> problem with clearings and cleansings, but anything that is
> overdone is not in balance. The knowledge of the subtle system
> needs to be balanced with the knowledge of the Scriptures. Please
> understand what the Scriptures say about everything, because Shri
> Mataji and the Scriptures agree. By getting a greater overall
> spiritual understanding, it helps tremendously, and Kyyan has
> shown this too!
> Then a person will not be swayed by blind leaders of the blind,
> who can say anything to you at all, and not even back it up with
> Scriptures (and expect you to blindly believe and follow that).
> For example, when WCASY say that they now are the Will of Shri
> Mataji to you, that is completely Unscriptural. Nobody can assume
> the Will of an Incarnation. It is completely laughable that they
> can assume Her Will (and i am not speaking about Her monies,
> properties, etc. i am speaking about Her Own Will as the Holy
> Spirit, Comforter. To claim to be that, WCASY are really being
> rather blasphemous, actually. i would be afraid to say to people
> that 'i am the will of Shri Mataji to others'. That is clearly
> against what Shri Mataji taught, dear SY's. I BESEECH YOU TO
> CO.
> In fact, if you study Shri Mataji's teachings and the teachings of
> all the other Incarnations and prophets, you will realise that
> WCASY are going against these teachings in many, many ways. They
> have in fact fallen into the error of making a religion, which is
> (controlled thought) out of Sahaja Yoga... out of Shri Mataji's
> teachings. Not only that, they have also selectively chosen some
> teachings of Shri Mataji, and rejected Her other teachings. WCASY
> cannot do this, and remain credible. It does not work, to pick and
> choose what you like and run with that. It is just not kosher
> spiritually or any other way either.
> If WCASY as a group were earnestly seeking and doing the Will of
> Shri Mataji, things would be so much different in the Organisation
> of Sahaja Yoga. However, i can say that Kyyan is earnestly seeking
> to do the Will of Shri Mataji by studying the Scriptures and
> Teachings of Shri Mataji, putting them together, and understanding
> them... and WCASY come after him for that! It is clear that they
> are speaking pretty spiritual words, but they are not following
> the Spiritual Teachings of Shri Mataji, nor the Scriptures, but
> they are following their own version of what they have made out of
> the Teachings of Shri Mataji!)
> Kyyan wrote:
>"Now I realize how important it is. In addition to everything
> else, How is it not when most of the Holy Books were written by
> the prophets and incarnations themselves, who we must accept for
> the kundalini to rise to Sahastrara, for us to grow and for moksha
> to be granted? By ignoring them or saying they are unimportant
> then we are saying we don't accept them, thus not accepting the
> deities and Shri Mataji Fully. How can we grow to our freedom? By
> reading the scriptures and understanding the deities better, God
> better, we strengthen our faith in ourselves, prove to ourselves
> it is really the Last Judgment and Resurrection and accept the
> deities as have been asked by mother. In no other way can we
> understand the deities FULLY or the times we are now living in, or
> for that matter the teachings of Shri Mataji without
> understanding what they have said about God and these special
> times. Without that understanding how can we explain it to others
> and answer their questions in a satisfactory manner.”....
> (Your faith has been much strengthened Kyyan by familiarising
> yourself with the Scriptures. These Scriptures are Universal
> Truths. They shine Light on to your Path. They are given by the
> Incarnations and prophets to do exactly that!
> So... i encourage all SY's to please do likewise. 'Not to do
> likewise'... is to remain spiritually ignorant, and the greatest
> negativity according to Shri Mataji is spiritual ignorance. You
> need to know what the Scriptures have promised. Without reading
> them, you will not really understand many, many things. Without
> understanding them you can be swayed by spiritually blind and
> spiritually false leaders and their false doctrines. Please read
> again how Shri Mataji stresses the Promises given in the
> Scriptures. How will you know what they are without reading them,
> also?
>"The main thing that one has to understand is that the time has
> come for you to get all that is promised in the scriptures, not
> only in the Bible but all the scriptures of the world. The time
> has come today that you have to become a Christian, a Brahmin, a
> Pir, through your Kundalini awakening only. There is no other way.
> And that your Last Judgment is also now. (Shri Mataji Nirmala
> Devi.”)
> To help my own and other's Scriptural Knowledge too, i will very
> soon be posting from the"Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ"so
> we can become more knowledgeable about what the Scriptures have to
> say, because this is"most relevant"to Sahaja Yogis, and others
> too. i cannot stress that enough. Sahaja Yogis need to understand
> what they have received in a way that they can explain it to
> others, in spiritual terms, and not only in subtle system terms.
> love and best wishes to all,
> violet

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