Shri Mataji: "No reality in those religions ... no Divine Force working"

"They all (saints) tried their best. They did whatever was possible. The saints were made by them, but very few. They incarnated and people made religions out of them which were perverted and brought them a bad name. No reality in those religions. These religions were money oriented and power oriented. There was no divine force working; actually it was all anti-divine. How to now turn human beings away from these superficial religions, these perverted paths of destruction? How to tell them about all these established organizations? For ages they have been ruling, making money, making power.” Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Fragene, Italy, May 8, 1988

"What we need today is to know that there is a God, and that we can see and feel Him here and now.

We want everything but God, because our ordinary desires are fulfilled by the external world. So long as our needs are confined within the limits of the physical universe, it is only when we have had hard blows in our lives and are disappointed with everything here that we feel the need for something higher; then we seek God.

Religion can be relished. Are you ready? Do you want it? You will get realization if you do, and then you will be truly religious. Until you have attained realization, there is no difference between you and atheists. The atheists are sincere, but the man who says that he believes in religion and never attempts to realize it is not sincere.

Religion deals with the truths of the metaphysical world, just as chemistry and the other natural sciences deal with the truths of the physical world. Each soul is a star, and all stars are set in that infinite azure, that eternal sky, the Lord. There is the root, the reality, the real individuality of each and all. Religion began with the search after some of these stars that had passed beyond you horizon, and ended in finding them in God, and ourselves in the same place. ...

Take religion from human society and what will remain? Nothing but a forest of brutes. Sense-happiness is not the goal of humanity; wisdom is the goal of all life.

Can religion really accomplish anything? It can. It brings to man eternal life. It has made man what he is and will make of this human animal, a God. That is what religion can do. The ideal of all religions, all sects, is the same-the attaining of liberty, the cessation of misery.

Not a drop will be in the ocean, not a twig in the deepest forest, not a crumb in the house of the god of wealth, if the Lord is not merciful. Streams will be in the desert and the beggar will have plenty if He wills it. He seeth the sparrow's fall. Are these but words or literal, actual life?

These prophets were not unique; they were men as you or I. They were great Yogis. They had gained this super-consciousness, and you and I can get the same. They very fact that one man ever reached that state, proves that it is possible for every man to do so. Not only is it possible, but every man must, eventually, get to that state, and that is religion.

Religions of the world have become lifeless mockeries. What the world wants is character. The world is in need fro those whose life is one burning love, selfless. That love will make every word tell like thunderbolt. ...

If there is ever to be a universal religion, it must be one which will have no location in place or time; which will be infinite like the God it will preach, and whose sun will shine upon the followers of Krishna and of Christ, on saints and sinners alike; which will not be Brahminic or Buddhistic, Christian or Mohammedan, but the sum total of all these, and still have infinite space fro development; which in its catholicity will embrace in its infinite arms, and find a place for, every human being, from the lowest groveling savage not far removed from the brute, to the highest man towering by virtues of his head and heart almost above humanity, making society stand in awe of him and doubt his human nature. It will be a religion which will have no place for persecution or intolerance in its polity, which will recognize divinity in every man and woman, and whose whole scope, whose whole force, will be centered in aiding humanity to realize its own true, divine nature.

What I want to propagate is a religion that will be equally acceptable to all minds; it must be equally philosophic, equally emotional, equally mystic, and equally conducive to action. And this combination will be the ideal of the nearest approach to a universal religion. Would to God that all men were so constituted that in their minds all these elements of philosophy, mysticism, emotion, and of work were equally present in full! That is the ideal, my ideal of a perfect man. Everyone who has only one or two of these elements of character, I consider"one-sided"; and this world is almost full of such"one-sided"men, with knowledge of that one road only in which they move; and anything else is dangerous and horrible to them. To become harmoniously balanced in all these four directions is my ideal of religion. ...

Hindus accept every religion, praying in the mosque of the Mohammedans, worshipping before the fire of the Zoroastrians, and kneeling before the cross of the Christians, knowing that all the religions, from the lowest fetishism to the highest absolutism, mean so many attempts of the human soul to grasp and realize the infinite, each determined by the conditions of its birth and associations, and each of them marking a stage of progress. We gather all these flowers and bind them with the twine of love, making a wonderful bouquet of worship.

Religion is realization; not talk, nor doctrine, nor theories, however beautiful they may be. It is being and becoming, not hearing or acknowledging; it is the whole soul becoming changed into what it believes.

This life is short, the vanities of the world are transient, but they alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive.

Be you holy and, above all, sincere and do not for a moment give up your trust in the Lord and you will see the light. Whatever is truth will remain for ever; whatever is not, none can preserve. Whatever others think or do, lower not your standard of purity, morality, and love of God. No one who loves God need fear any jugglery. Holiness is the highest and divinest power in earth and in heaven.”Truth alone triumphs, not untruth. Through truth alone is opened the way to God.”Do not care for a moment who joins hands with you or not, be sure that you touch the hand of the Lord.”

Swami Vivekananda

New Global Order and Oneness Principle

Thirty years ago the historian Arnold Toynbee and Daisaku Ikeda, head of the Japanese Buddhist Soka Gokkai International, discussed at length various pertinent issues, trying to discern the future direction that our world must take if it is to survive these"times of the end.”

Toynbee remarks," ...The question of mankind's future religion arises because all the current religions have proved unsatisfactory ... A future religion that is to bring into being, and to keep in being, a new civilisation will have to be one that will enable mankind to contend with, and to overcome, the evils that are serious present threats to human survival.

Among the most formidable of these evils are the oldest: greed, which is as old as life itself, and war and social injustice, which are as old as civilisation.

A new evil that is hardly less formidable is the artificial environment that mankind has created through application of science and technology in the service of greed.”

Echoing similar views Ikeda said: .”.. The religion that we need must inspire mankind's scientific and philosophical spirits and must be able to meet the needs of a new age. It must be a religion that can go beyond the differences between East and West and, binding all mankind into a unified body, save the Occident from its present crisis and the Orient from its current hardships. Discovering this kind of religion is the greatest task before mankind today.”

The enduring legacy of the 20th century is that it has compelled the peoples of the world to begin seeing themselves as members of one human family and of the Earth as its common homeland.

Indeed, humanity's urge to live in harmony and peace with each other and especially to establish peace among religions is not new. The passion invested in the struggle, despite its disheartening results, testifies to the depth of the need.

Without a common conviction about the course and direction of human history, it is inconceivable that foundations can be laid for a global society to which the mass of humankind can commit themselves.

Recognition of the fundamental spiritual principle of our age, the oneness of humanity, must be at the heart of any new civilisation. Universal acceptance of this principle will both necessitate and make possible major restructuring of the world's educational, social, agricultural, industrial, economic, legal and political systems.

This is the only way the dream of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world as one united family) can be fulfilled.”That which God hath ordained as the sovereign remedy and mightiest instrument for the healing of all the world is the union of all its peoples in one universal Cause, one common Faith", Baha'uAllah proclaimed over a century ago.

World spiritual leaders should strive to not let crises to cast doubt on the ultimate outcome of the process that is occurring.

The way to go is to nurture faith and resolve, so that we can overcome all the hardships and anxieties that are bound to arise during any period of great change.

While the old order gives way to the new, as individuals, we have an important role to play: To stand steadfast in the face of adversity and believe in the unity of humankind.

New Global Order and Oneness Principle

Paths are many, but Truth is One

Question: "We are all different and have different perceptions and different spiritual experiences even if we do exactly the same yoga. What if there isn't one single reality? Or perhaps there is one single reality for us all but also one subjective unique reality?”

Answer: Paths are many, but Truth is One. There are many routes to the top of the mountain but they all converge at the top and share the same view.

It is instructive to read the saints and seers from different religions and spiritual disciplines. Even though they are unaware of each other, live thousands of miles away, and are perhaps centuries apart, they tend to use the same language, even the same metaphors, and describe a common view. This suggest to me that there is a single Absolute Reality that initially is perceived in many ways or presented in many ways to accommodate different karmas and psychologies but as sadhana progresses and the minds thin out, the Pure Mind apprehends a common Reality.


Organized religion is disempowering

"An artist by trade, Anne-Marie has turned her spirituality into a creative act. Her beliefs are drawn from many sources, some ancient, some new. When Anne-Marie speaks of karma and reincarnation, I hear the influence of Hinduism and Buddhism. Her sense that certain places in nature are sacred is either as new as deep ecology or as old as Shinto. It's hard to say exactly how quantum physics fits into the picture, but she says it does. Beneath it all lies the ethical lexicon of her Christian upbringing, timeworn but still discernible, like the ruins of a Spanish mansion.

When I ask her why she left her childhood church, she's blunt.”I needed beliefs that empower me, and organized religion is disempowering," she says.”It's bogus.”

Jerimiah Creedon (Writer)

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